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"that feckin' tree!"

Inspired by some wonderful compositions that "ants" aka Anthony Johnstone has recently shot of Sycamore Gap!


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So I was heading back from working up in Scotland again and as I'd took the rain with me I decided to drive back along the old military road instead of the A69. Why's it called the military road - well it's the old road that the Romans built and one thing that stands out on this road are the dips and humps from building a road as straight as possible from West to East! Aye the Romans liked that "as the crow flys route!" - just look at the wall up and down over all the dips! Mad feckers!


So I decided that as this was my 4th visit to the tree I would remain shooting it from distance - given my previous trips, slips and falls and a run in with the weather and an adder I figured just shoot the bugger from the road!


As luck would have it there is a little tractor made path that you can reverse your car into just at the correct viewing point. Just be careful to reverse into this gap and follow the lines back down to the gate, don't want you getting stuck in a ditch! Oh and be careful getting out the car as folk fly past you! Then it's a case of selecting your lens and setting up in the safety of not having to yomp over those hills! Result!


For a change I used Phil's old Nikon 18-70mm lens! Which is now mine ;o) and what a refresing change to shoot with something different from primes and my beloved Sigma 10-20mm.


I cropped the image a tad more to just focus on the wonderful cloud motion I was getting here and used the old 10 stop and an HD Grad 0.9 on the sky. Stopped for about an hour here just trying different compositions and wanting to just make the old tree feel as small as possible! Also took great enjoyment watching all the hikers and walkers out today, you can tell we're into "Tommy Tourist" season! Also spotted them up at a very wet Loch Lomond this week, and loads of midgies but that's another story!


Anyhow make sure you check out ant's photostream as his images inspired me to give this spot another try! Plus his stream is very cool too!


That's all folks! Need to rest and spend some time with the family after being away since Tuesday.


Camera Nikon D80

Lens Nikon 18-70mm

Exposure 63

Aperture f/11.0

Focal Length 22 mm

ISO Speed 100


Lee Hard Grad 0.9

Hitech 10 Stop

Cable Shutter Release

Slik Pro 400XD Tripod




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Taken on July 19, 2012