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"back to black" | by Allan England ~ Photography
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"back to black"

Inspired by a return trip to see Black Nab at Saltwick Bay, outside Whitby in North Yorkshire.


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I got a flickr mail from Michael Jackson (no not the singer!) saying that the alignment of the sunsets at Black Nab looked spot on for an after work trek across to the old sea stack!


As if by magic I had planned to be in Scarborough on the Thursday so Michael and myself planned in the trip! Unfortunately as I headed South on Thursday morning from Sunderland to Middlesbrough and then onto Scarborough the rain didn't stop! Michael had the right idea to call off the trip but as I was down this neck of the woods I thought I'd have a "butchers" ( a look!) at the bay.


Once I'd finished my call in Scarborough I thought I'd head into Scarborough, so half an hour later I realised I had taken a wrong turn and thought bugger Scarborough I'll head to Black nab!


With the extra mileage I figured a nice afternoon nap was in order! Well it was half past five in the evening! The rain was coming down hard and the two surfers in their vans, next to my car weren't getting out either!


I woke up about half past six and sent Michael a text, the rain had stopped and bugger sunset I was heading across the bay to black nab!


By the time I'd wrestled me wellies and waterproofs on, walked down the cliff and across the beach a good half hour must have passed! Now I was faced with the lone walk across the reef to Black Nab and the Admiral Von Tromp!


If you've been to Black Nab you'll know how slippy that reef can be and how noisy and intimdating the sea is here! The last time I had my good pals Mick, Michael and Anita to keep me going! Last night I was on my own!! Okay how hard can this be I thought, the tides going out and all you need to do is walk!


Easier said than done as my first step into a rock pool revealed my new neoprene lined wellies had sprung a leak! Then step two revealed both had sprung a leak! I was taking in water as fast as the old Admiral Von Tromp must have done!


So I slowly squelched my way over to the wreck and to Black Nab, I couldn't believe the difference in the conditions to the time in February when I'd been here and we were pushed about by the waves and the wind!


One thing hasn't changed and that is walking on this reef still feels like your ice skating! So slippy!


Anyhow once I assured myself that I wasn't going to be washed away, as the tide was still going out and wouldn't come back for a good few hours I started to set up and try and capture a few images.


Sadly the sunset didn't happen but there was some nice blue hour colours and I fancied something a little different here so popped the old 10 stop on and ran this image.


Only down side of 10 stoppers is what to do in the meantime! I keep meaning to take a book with me but never remember!


Anyhow I spent a good couple of hours out on the reef and then slowly headed for home, quite a late night but worth it just to be out with old Black Nab!


Techie Stuff!


Camera Nikon D80

Exposure 490 (bored!!)

Aperture f/16.0

Focal Length 10 mm

ISO Speed 100


Lee Hard Grad 0.9

Hitech 10 Stopper




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© 2011 Photography By Urban Eyes & Allan England



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Taken on May 17, 2012