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"reacquainted" | by Allan England ~ Photography
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Inspired decision by Anita to make me join here for the sunrise this morning down at Old Hartley, Northumberland.


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We'd met a few weeks ago at this spot to try and get the sunrise, but just as we had put on our waterproofs the rain started, we even stood for a good ten minutes in the rain thinking should we climbed down the steps to the base of the cliff before calling it a day; not before I turned and did one of my infamous comedy falls for good measure!


So this time it was going to be different! Again we met at 4.30am! Ouch! And headed down to the base of the cliffs, the sea was nice and high too! There were a few "jackie sly" waves about too, the ones that creep on up on you and give you and your kit a good soaking!


Luckily we managed to dodge most of them, and waited for the sun to rise. She didn't dissappoint with some nice reflected light before she peaked her head above the horizon! It was one of those wonderful sunrises when you see the whole of the sun appear before heading into that big bank of clouds!


Well it was great to catch up with Anita and have a natter and also nice to be out and about in erm day light! As a nocturnal light painter of recent times it was truly great to get reacquainted with our friend the sunrise!


What made me laugh out loud today, was when we got back up to the cars and Anita was about to drive off and I noticed the time...6.15am and we're heading for home in beaming daylight! So confusing!


Anyhow I'm off to Dundee and Perth this week, see what I can find on my travels! Plus travelling on my birthday tomorrow! Bugger! I bet the hotel has a lovely surprise for me! Bet they've saved the best broom cupboard for me!


Have a great week!




Techie Stuff!


Camera Nikon D80

Exposure 5 seconds

Aperture f/22.0 (to star burst the sun)

Focal Length 11.5 mm

ISO Speed 100


Lee 0.9 Hard Grad to hold back the sky

Lee 0.6 Soft Grad pulled down across the whole of the scene




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© 2011 Photography By Urban Eyes & Allan England




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Taken on May 7, 2012