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" 'twas a wonderful craft, she was rigged for and aft and oh, how the wild wind drove her" ~ {Explore} | by Allan England ~ Photography
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" 'twas a wonderful craft, she was rigged for and aft and oh, how the wild wind drove her" ~ {Explore}

Inspirational day wreck hunting with me crew of rugged rascals! And round the rugged rock the rugged rascals did run!


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Made Explore #336 22nd February 2012


Such a superb day out on Sunday wreck hunting and generally chasing the light up and down a few hills too! Well many thanks to MJackson | Photography , Mick Ridley & ~~Anita~~ for such a superb day!


Well where do I start with this one? Okay first things third! When I returned triumphantly from Scotland I was greeted with a flickr mail from me good buddy Mick Ridley saying "I've been talking to Michael Jackson!" Well you can imagine me initial thoughts "he's f@@king lost it!" However, he was wasn't talking to the dead - would have made a great story though!, he was talking to the legend of the photographic world that is Michael Jackson Photography!


Phew, no need for that place in the funny farm for wor Mick! Well not yet! So it turns out wor Mick has arranged a look out to visit the wreck of the Admiral Von Tromp down at Saltwick Bay, near Whitby. Now Michael has got some awesome work on his photostream so I knew all about this wreck and agreed in a flash to the trip!


However, I thought I'd play safe and ask Anita to come along in case wor Mickey was really talking to the dead! As Whitby has a history surrounded in dark mystery! Dracula and Gothic weekends! Say no more!


Anyhow back to the plot! So at 3.30am I got up on Sunday! Picked Anita up then Mick up and off we went! Anita being a great girl packed some much need refreshments coffee, bananas, sweets (candy!) and muffins! She did mention she had the holy water and garlic hidden in her camera bag too! (Bugger where was that crucifix when you need it!) However, Mick & me packed our camera bags!


Well at 6.30am we arrived to be met ~ not by a moon walking Michael Jackson but the photographic legend and awesome trail blazer! Wow what a gentleman he was and an awesome sherpa he had us down on the beach in no time and wading across the slippery rocks to get round the bay to the wreck!


All I will say is I thought I'd been to some difficult locations before but here takes the biscuit, the rocks are the slippiest worse than Dunstanburghs death rocks, this was like walking on a sheet of ice and with the waves crashing against your legs made for a tricky morning!


Full credit to Michael, Anita & Mick they were like Torrvil and Dean on the ice whilst I resembled a rather plump bambi on ice (okay very plump bambi!!) In fact my frozen look gave Michael much joy as I looked like that eldery relative who's walking like they just shit themselves but cannot remember what they just did!


Such is the fierceness of this location that it made working here difficult but so enjoyable, this is definitely on my list to again and again. A truly stunning location with an amazing slab of rock that is the seabed! But hell it's fierce!


My image here captures the mangled wreckage of the Admiral Von Tromp, it appears to be on a frozen lake but this is the sea foam which collected around her and in the background we have Black Nab a fabulous Sea Stack.


The Admiral Von Tromp was a fishing vessel which was wrecked after grounding in thick fog and an easterly wind at Saltwick Bay, near Whitby, on 30th Sept 1976.


Make sure to check everyone's photostreams out, and once again to the rugged rascals many thanks for a great day out!




Musical inspiration comes from The Dubliners and "The Irish Rover", was very tempted to give you "Friggin in the Riggin" but didn't want any implications about the fate of the dear Admiral Von Tromp! ;o)


The Dubliners


"The Irish Rover"


"We had sailed seven years when the measles broke out and the ship lost it's way in the fog

And that whale of a crew was reduced down to two, just meself and the Captain's old dog

Then the ship struck a rock, Oh Lord! what a shock, the bulkhead was turned right over

Turned nine times around and the poor old dog was drowned and the last of the Irish Rover."




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Taken on February 19, 2012