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"the loughrigg monster" | by Allan England ~ Photography
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"the loughrigg monster"

Inspired title from my Lakeside guide and good buddy Paul McGreevy!


View On Black


Paul decided to take me to Loughrigg Tarn as he'd always fancied getting a shot of the tarn, but never got one that he was happy with.


As we approached the tarn we debated as to whether to shot it from the higher view point from the road or get down by the tarn for a lower PoV.


We decided it would look better down by the tarn, so over the fence we went and off for a wander. We noticed some reeds and thought they'd make a great foreground focal point, however, as we walked towards the reeds they got smaller and smaller! Then Paul said "oh there's a dead sheep" to which I replied "Hey Paul there's a dead sheep!" D'oh! "I know retorted Paul, I just said that!" - at this stage I think we were in danger of becoming Andy & Lou from Little Brittain! "A want that one!"


Anyhow, I decided bugger the tarn shot I'm having a bit of a dead sheep moment! After carrying out a full autopsy we (okay I did) decided it was natural causes and then picked over by the birds (well Paul said that bit!).


So I decided to change the crime scene and bring it to the waters edge! Okay a couple of twigs as lifting gear had the old girl in a watery grave! At this point I'll spare the comments about the smell! I did check with Paul politely just in case he wanted to own up to breaking wind! But he claimed it was the sheep and not the german sausage sarnies we'd just had!


A few stones into the eye sockets to weight her down and of we went for a long exposure. At this stage Paul had had enough of the smell, well I hope he hadn't had enough of me??!!


The only downside with LE's is the waiting game I find, so I decided to turn around and go back onto dry land - cue comedy fall! How can I trip over a tiny twig! Anyhow I was laughing away but the sheep didn't find it funny!


So here is my reverse Gavin Dunbar inspired death in the lake moment! I realised when trying to process this that as the skeleton is white that I couldn't milk out the water as then... well it would be all white but not if you get it! So white on a black background is the feel to this one!


Funnily enough as we both walked back to Paul's car we were chuckling as neither of us have bothered shooting the Tarn! Paul had spent his time shooting moss on stone walls and I'm playing with a sheep's skeleton! We imagined our families reaction as "I thought you were into Landscape stuff? Wierdo's!"


Anyhow one other thing that Paul and me have in common is that we both want those "Bill Oddie" type camera vests! LOL! But we both decided we need to be at least 80 before we get them....but if no one is around......


PS check out this link and scroll down till you see the "special forces sheep!" - just saying could be the killer!




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Taken on March 8, 2012