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"have you come here for forgiveness?" ~ {Explore}

Inspired by U2, well it was on the other side of the bridge! This side said D2 and that just didn't work!


Made Explore #89 25th November 2011


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One By U2


"Have you come here for forgiveness

Have you come to raise the dead

Have you come here to play Jesus

To the lepers in your head


Did I ask too much

More than a lot

You gave me nothing

Now it's all I got

We're one

But we're not the same

Well we

Hurt each other

Then we do it again

You say

Love is a temple

Love a higher law

Love is a temple

Love the higher law

You ask me to enter

But then you make me crawl

And I can't be holding on

To what you got

When all you got is hurt


One love

One blood

One life"



Finally managed to get out during the day with my camera before I had to leave Dundee in Scotland. This is the Tay Road Bridge in Dundee, I managed to get some nice night time shots but was more than happy to get some day time ones before I had to set off on the 6 hour drive to Manchester!


The un-nerving thing about being around a bridge and deep water are the constant sad memories of how folk are drawn here to end their lives. The reminders of flowers or the Samaritan posters that urge them to make a call before taking action.


As I stood here being battered by the wind, and with my vertigo issues it wasn't an easy thing to stand so close to a place of beauty and horror. For me there has always been a song for these times and that's "One" by U2, I even have "Carry Each Other" tattoed on my arm!


However, when the sun decided to shine through the railings it lightened my mood and gave a nice twist to my planned image.




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Taken on November 23, 2011