Lots of holes

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    Added to Cream of the Crop as my most favorited photo

    aqui-ali, tricky (rick harrison), and 49 other people added this photo to their favorites.

    1. aqui-ali ages ago | reply

      Wow great shot!
      Please consider Repetition Pool

    2. tricky (rick harrison) ages ago | reply

      Hey rob, Boggoff's also got pictures of the scuplture park, freaked me out cos she's on my contact list and posted them shortly after you!

    3. miss menace ages ago | reply

      Cool. The shadow makes it look almost cartoony.

    4. Douglas Roesch 120 months ago | reply

      Wow, really catches the eye.

    5. russelljsmith 119 months ago | reply

      IMG_2188 Am I right in thinking this is the same sculpture as this at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park?

    6. robpatrick 119 months ago | reply

      Hi Russell,

      Yeah, spot on. I've seen quite a few pictures of this sculpture around. If you search on the Yorkshire Sculpture Park tags you'll find lots of interesting images.

      It took me ages to get a shot I liked.

      I need to go back, last time I think I only saw about half of the sculptures.


    7. michaelpickard 119 months ago | reply

      Looking not entirely dissimilar to this:

    8. robpatrick 116 months ago | reply

      Submitted to
      as "order."

    9. robpatrick 115 months ago | reply

      Hey Boggoff,

      Yeah, exactly right, just a bit closer.


    10. robpatrick 115 months ago | reply

      Thanks to Boggoff and her 'Wow!' comment 6 months ago I can add this photo to the WOW! group - yah!

    11. mnkyhead 113 months ago | reply

      Sculpture by jonathan Borofsky, in case anyone was wondering.

    12. robpatrick 112 months ago | reply

      Submitted to
      as "Best of 2005".

      This is my most faved picture so I submitted this as my best of '05. I'm still not sure if it's my fave though........

    13. roadapplepie 109 months ago | reply

      Similar to a view I had, but not as cheesy:

    14. Eddi van W. 80 months ago | reply

      Hallo, ich bin der Administrator der Gruppe www.flickr.com/groups/807238@N23/, und wir würden uns freuen, wenn Du dies zu unserer Gruppe hinzufügen würdest.

    15. Ian Aberle 56 months ago | reply

      I can see why this is your most viewed. Nice capture.
      ~ Seen in a discussion of the group "Flickr Addicts" (?)

    16. AnnaDK2009 49 months ago | reply

      This sets off my trypophobia in a major way.

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