Just been digging around through some old college work from when I was at Central Saint Martins, and found this set of shots I took for a photography brief.

The brief was to document a day in the life of a comic. I'd worked in advertising a bit before college, and managed to convince a casting agent to ask Simon Pegg and Jessica Stephenson if I could spend a day with them while they worked on the scripts for the second series of Spaced.

It was a fantastic way to spend a day. They were both very funny, and very generous with their time.

(Actually, they were an utter nightmare, total prima donnas - but they gave me a tenner and a bag of chips to say they were lovely.)

It was only later that I realised I must have looked like a total fanboy stalker, as I'd bleached my hair blonde a few weeks earlier (it was an art school thing), so looked like an obsessive Simon Pegg wannabe.

They were gracious enough not to mention it.

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