• My handsome husband.
  • Cute patchwork fabric covered cork board. Used some great Park Slope in this...
  • My yarn stash that I haven't touched in almost a year. Yikes.
  • Vintage fan & lamp that I stole from my husband...

My new sewing area

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I need to hang more cute lil' things, but I'm so happy to have a cutting table now!

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  1. mikawendy 79 months ago | reply

    What a neat workspace! I love how you're using the wall space for storage and ideas.

    A cutting table is great. I have mine behind my sewing table because that's the only way the two tables will fit in a room that has a sloped roof. It's a little inconvenient but better than no table--and it at least means that when I quilt, the weight of the quilt goes onto the cutting table instead of pulling on the quilt.

    Do you have trouble keeping up with scraps? I find myself wanting to make things from them, so I save them, but then don't get started on the projects. I have so many scraps!!

  2. alissahcarlton 79 months ago | reply

    Thanks! And I hear you on how having a table behind my sewing table would help to hold the weight of a quilt... I'm going to have to put a chair or something there when it's a big quilt.

    And yes, I definitely have trouble keeping up with scraps! I have looooads and only occasionally use them but try to whenever possible!

  3. kirbyloulou 79 months ago | reply

    I, too, have a (large) yarn stash which I haven't touched in an embarrassingly long time. I'm thinking about selling some of it off, but I can't bring myself to do it. I'm not sure whether I will come back around to knitting.... I hope so!

  4. alissahcarlton 79 months ago | reply

    Yeah - I don't know why... the minute I started playing with fabric and quilting, I completely lost interest in knitting. And I used to knit lots and lots and lots more. As much as I now sew. Growing up, my mom used to go through year or two long phases in a certain craft, so maybe I'm the same? Don't know - meanwhile, I'm not giving myself a hard time about it. I also considered selling the yarn stash, but can't do it. What you see here is a fraction of what I have... the rest got bagged up and stored!

  5. tifdara 79 months ago | reply

    i haven't knitted in about 8 months. i do miss it, but quilting is totally addicting hahahaha.

    i love your new sewing space alissa! i have yet to carve out a place for myself in our new house, but i really need to because i feel out of the grove when i need to start over every night (taking materials out, putting it away etc).

    love the look of the zig zag you are doing! i'm doing one myself at the moment, and am loving the straight lines.

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