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Get Your Own Berries | by alison brown 35
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Get Your Own Berries

A waxwing photograph from around this time last year. I posted a few at the time but didn't want to bore you with too many. I'm hoping that I'll get to see some of these lovely birds again this year,


I've very little time to get out with my camera at present as we're doing some redecoration at home. I have to say though that I have much less enthusiasm right now for photography - and Flickr especially. I'm extremely saddened by the way some people use it and the nastiness that can come out of it. A contact of mine has been treated dreadfully by another member of Flickr. He has twisted what my contact has said to him in a private message regarding how he achieved a shot of a bird in flight and then manipulated his own contacts into attacking them. He's now removed the original photograph and offending comments but is still attacking my contact in the very long winded diatribes accompanying each of his images (and thanking some of his loyal 'ankle biting' contacts for attacking them too). If you are going to boast about the lengths you went to to get a particular shot then you should be big enough to accept that other people may not agree with your method and not ridicule them for having a view different to your own. I now see that other people are now getting involved (on his side) without knowing the full facts and are consequently making themselves look very foolish. I have to say some of the comments on the offenders photostream say so much more about them than their photographs ever will.


For me this raises the very serious issue of online bullying which should have no place on here. It IS happening on Flickr and I know of several people who have deleted their photostreams because of it. I would also like to see a serious debate on ethics in wildlife photography and of what is acceptable to do to get the shot you want in wildlife photography. I have found this interesting link elsewhere on Flickr.


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Taken in November 2010