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    Yes, that's right. Liger. The Guiness World Record Holder.

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    1. Osprey7 60 months ago | reply

      Beautiful liger pic. I used it for an article in Suite 101 on ligers. Check it out at

    2. aliwest44 60 months ago | reply

      Thank you everyone! Yes, these liger photos tend to be quite popular! Thanks for the heads up, and Osprey7, thanks for letting me know you used my photo in your excellent article. For everyone wanting a little more information about ligers, you should check it out!

      Thanks again, everyone!

    3. Tumbili76 59 months ago | reply


      I work for the African Wildlife Foundation ( and we just started a new blog called 'Ask Erin!' where people write in and ask us questions about African wildlife.

      One of the recent questions we received was re: Ligers. May we have permission to use the above photo on our blog?



    4. aliwest44 59 months ago | reply


      Yes, you have permission to use this photo on the African Wildlife Foundation website.

      As you can see, it's a very popular photo!

      Thanks for letting me know where you are using it!

    5. Tumbili76 59 months ago | reply

      Hi, Ali-

      I was out of the country for a few weeks so I apologize for not getting back to you and (1) thanking you so very much for the use of your great photo and (2) to give you the direct link to the blog space in which you photo appears! Here it is:

      Thank you again for the use of your photo!

      Warmest Regards,

      Erin (aka Tumbili76)

    6. aliwest44 58 months ago | reply

      Hi Erin,

      No problem! I completely understand.

      What a fantastic article! It is a great resource for people looking for more information on what is and isn't native to Africa. Excellent job!

      Ali :)

    7. Tumbili76 58 months ago | reply

      Hi, Ali-

      I am so glad you like the blog and the article on Ligers!

      All the best,


    8. Emerald Moon Phase 55 months ago | reply

      He's lovely. Is it just me, or does he look Pissed?

    9. peterd482001 52 months ago | reply

      Just to let you know that I am using this photo on my blog at:
      Thank you

    10. LynstarFC 48 months ago | reply

      Wow, that's a big cat!! So cool! Saw this photo credited to you in Six amazing hybrid animals and decided to track it down on Flickr. Nice photo!

    11. texas_lady_bug 48 months ago | reply

      Same as LystarFC: Saw this posted on
      Incredible! Thanks for sharing!

    12. sunnyitec90 41 months ago | reply

      can I use this picture for my website about ligers? I have made the biggest website about ligers its url is . Can I?


    13. podolski134 40 months ago | reply

      Nice website Sunny ... Ligerworld. I just learned a lot through it. Thanks for sharing this. Nice snap too :). It can be dangerous to take snaps up close that much in front of that mammoth bease. Thanks :)

    14. aliwest44 39 months ago | reply

      Of course you have permission to use my photos in your educational website! Enjoy!

    15. xxautumnxdawnxx 38 months ago | reply

      Front line army material righhttt thurrrr...

    16. Dragonqeen1010 34 months ago | reply

      Yep this big boy is ten ft when standing on his hind legs and isn't even full grown!! They estimate he will be twelve feet standing on his hing legs when he's older seeing as right now he is only 3. He also weighs half a ton and eats 20ibs of meat a day!

    17. mexican32 27 months ago | reply

      do they really have magical

    18. Frontierofficial 18 months ago | reply

      Great photo! This photo has been used by in a blog post:
      A link back and credit has been provided. Thanks for sharing!

    19. duncanh1903 10 months ago | reply

      Please may I use your photo in my D.Phil thesis? If so, would you wish to be credited in any particular way?

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