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peace now . when now was 1969 :)



all we are saying is give Peace a chance


peace march

spring of 1969

eugene, oregon

the first of many there to stop the war in vietnam


photo by h. gross

from his exhibit that spring in the student union at the university of oregon



powerful, purposeful, memorable, meaningful day

also a cold rainy day!.. so had to kind of drag jimmy there ;))

do you see us? :)


one funny banner that day - which can't be seen here, tho' one almost like it can .. said to then-president richard nixon about the war:

"pull out now, dick!! .. like your father should have! "




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tuesday september 21 is the international day of peace


you might quiet the whole world for a second

if you pray.

and if you love, if you really love

guns will wilt.


~ st. john of the cross



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Taken in March 1969