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lumi ❀ | by alight
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lumi ❀


lumi in hawai'ian lumi means threshold :)


since puppyhood, lulu liked to drape herself across the thresholds of doorways.. so she could always know, even while sleeping, when i was coming and going! :)

(i got quite good at stepping over her while balancing armloads of things ;)


didn't post this image before because its not the most flattering angle of our beautiful girl .. plus lulu's tummy had been shaved for an ultrascan.

but i love it because...


it holds within it the feeling of how comfortable lulu was in her own skin, in her own being-ness... more than anyone i've ever known.

how she was so present .. even when sleeping

and how she was the true center of our world here. the Queen of Hearts :*)


lumi also because its the beginning of the word luminous

and from the moment i met my heartchild, she was the beginning and meaning of luminous to me ..

as she still is *


am posting this image of our sweetie lulu to celebrate two other luminous beings in dog costumes whom i love very much ..


first, the elder *

soulful, heartful sam who will be *20* years today!!

it takes my breath away thinking of sammy, he is such an amazing being..

his life with his mama maureen and all his family is so full and so good ...

he is loved




lulu's twin in spirit, nash ~ on his 14th birthday! :)

the date is uncertain because nashua was rescued by tori, so his birthday is celebrated throughout the month of march.. and he is celebrated every day!

(since nash's birthday isn't known for sure and lulu was born 14 years ago april 21st, i sometimes imagine that nash & lulu were born on the same day :)

nashy is adored and nurtured by his mom tori and his whole family (including his 5 brothers :)


happy birthday dears nashy and sam !! and many more




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Taken on November 14, 2007