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111/365 Hello Treacle

Today is =Tom='s 365th day of his 365 project. It was his day for the FGR pick, and of course, he had a list of demands.


He wanted us to choose three Fuggers to write testimonials for. I wrote a testimonial for hlngre23, London Lens and Emily (sorry I can't do those hearts on my Mac!). I also wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has written me a testimonial today! I will repay the favour over this week :)


He then wanted us to provide him with a shot that would qualify for entry to six different groups. I failed on this part, I am too shattered from last night's antics, but I didn't want to not participate so I did what I could. The groups he wanted were:


1. FGR : : check!

2. Happy Sunday : : check!

3. Funny Faces : : check!

4: Presents Gone Wrong : : uh-oh

5. Ugly Underwear Club : : uh-oh

6. Things You May Not Know About Me : : check!


To qualify for the last group, Tom wanted us to divulge five things that we haven't told the flickr world before about us. So....


1. When I was younger a tv fell on my head. I had to have my head glued together.... ironically the tv was fine.


2. I was, and still am a massive East 17 fan... I used to have my ceiling actually plastered with posters of them and used to go wherever I could where I knew they would be. I even went to Brian's court cases! They were such a massive part of my life that they will always continue to be. I was on The Graham Norton show once, because I had a bit of plastic which fell out of a cab the boys got in, ahem!


3. I was on the Graham Norton show another time, with my dog Buster (RIP) because he used to sing (howl!) when I played a horn


4. I got a shout out in the credits in Blazing Squad's first album..... "to the beanied up receptionist" lol


5. I am scared of baked beans *shudder*


Tom, I'm sorry I couldn't fulfill 100% of your requirements, but I wish you all the best, I have thoroughly enjoyed your 365 project :)

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Taken on October 26, 2008