Timeless spirit can touch you in this world of time. With a new birth of the heart, you will see a new world.

Deepak Chopra

Created for the WPC Week 150

original picture by rubyblossom



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  • Bob G 6y

    Stunning sunset! Simple, dramatic presentation creates a striking atmosphere. Wonderful picture!!
  • mingyahu 6y

    great work
  • Paul Atkinson 6y


    ☆The Power Of Now ☆
  • Ian Ramsey 6y

    Beautifully composed.
  • Cameron Keith 6y

    My new favorite photo - awesome!
  • monkeywing 6y

    Stunning! Love the soft light and the mist :)
  • novasdtr 6y

    nice composition
    from the website:

    This will take but one hour of your time but will affect the rest of your life. It is easy to participate. Simply discover that which brings you your greatest joy then meditate, pray, sing, love or dance with appreciation and a grateful heart. Embrace the moment and be truly thankful for that experience. This event will act as a catalyst to begin a worldwide healing and then together we will create a global movement toward change.

    One hour of your time can heal the earth. Learn how at the website below. Thank you for considering our truth and sharing it with others.

    Take an hour to be Healed and Uplifted Today !

    Fire the grid ( Healing )
  • susan 6y

    this is beautiful. he looks like he can reach out and grab the sun.
    Seen on your photo stream. (?)
  • Joanna Sanderson-Mann 6y

  • Wanda Pietrzak 6y

    simply beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Maša 6y

    great colours!
  • Batya 5y

    Love this photo.Thanks for including it in Creative Commons. It serves as the perfect illustration for my web page about past life regression sessions. You can click on Past Lives Coaching to see it. And if you click on your photo there, you'll come right back here!

  • Alice Popkorn 5y

    thx for showing me, Batya :)
  • dsh roses 5y

    What a perfect and beautiful photo. I used it in my blog post on spirituality at
    I gave full attribution.
    This is an inspiring picture.
  • iamthisproject 2y

    Hi dear Alice, I am new here in Flickr, and i have seen your pic meditation, i i felt deep inside myself the necessity to use it in my blog . My blog is about the music that i create, meditations, exercises and concerts that will help you connect with the Space of Infinite Possibilities and Immeasurable Power that resides within you.
    Through music and powerful affirmations, I invite to take a journey that will help transform all limiting beliefs about yourself and the world that surrounds eachone. Hugs.
  • Alice Popkorn 2y

    iamthisproject great :-)
    Have a creative time !
  • Laughing at the Sky 2y

    Great image! I just used it in a blog post and gave you credit:
  • Alice Popkorn 2y

    Laughing at the Sky thanks for showing me :-)
  • ranjan pandey 1y

    Great picture. I am going to use this picture as a cover for my news stand magazine. giving credit to you.
  • kleanchap 1y

    one of the best meditation photos that I have seen so far. Good job!
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