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(39/52)  dry cleaning. | by browndog_09
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(39/52) dry cleaning.

what's more fun than shaking water all over your mom? rolling in wet sand, and *then* shaking all over your mom. i happened to catch this shot this afternoon and just had to add it to the 52 weeks set. i wish her feet weren't cut off, but this is the best shaking pic i will probably ever get because alice usually shakes off as soon as she gets out of the water, while she's right next to me. when alice swims, i always go home wet. well, we were both wet today anyway because it was raining while we were there.


alice had a roller-coaster of an afternoon. started out great... swimming trip with her best friend fenway. then it turned bad... i shut her tail in the car door as we packed up to leave from the swimming trip. she screamed. i felt terrible. i have never done that to her before. then we were off to alice's canine good citizen test. just before the test, there was an agility demo. the dog that was running was very barky, which got some other dogs barking, and then the teeter started slamming the floor... all of this echoing inside the metal building. alice has been having noise issues this summer, and she had one of her "moments" and we had to leave the building to regain our sanity. went for a short walk in the rain, and pulled ourselves together. went back in when it was test time, and what do we find... one of the test evaluators is a man. oh dear. alice has been having strange man issues this summer as well. (these are the reasons i decided to enter alice in the canine good citizen program.) but not to worry... alice went through the test with flying colors! she did beautifully, i was so proud of her for regaining her composure and showing off the jolly, sociable dog that she really is. she even did great with the part of the test where she had to stay with the "strange man" for three minutes while i went outside. not to brag, (but really, don't we all do it every now and then, just a little? lol!) but the female evaluator was quite impressed with alice's manners and personality, even though i got the impression that she was strictly a "purebred" dog person. alice was the only mixed-breed in the class. anyhow, we both really enjoyed the cgc class and made several new dog friends along the way. i hope to continue with further obedience classes over the winter, as long as alice continues to enjoy it.

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Taken on September 27, 2010