In the right light

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    This is a portrait that I took with the flash right in my face to really light up my eyes. They actually are that color in the light. I did a little selective dodging and burning to help the exposure on the left eye and to soften the line near my nose, which was thrown into a harsh shadow. As a side note, you can clearly see the mole that I have on my retina (confirmed by my eye doctor). It's reflected as the speck on my left iris. Fun fact for ya! :P

    Musing by Alia

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    1. ShutterPunk253 109 months ago | reply

      Totally Freakshow

    2. LaserGuided 109 months ago | reply

      FT: Very hypnotic eyes ... I'm at your service ;-)

    3. jetfly33tw2 109 months ago | reply

      very nice,but be careful, that light could be hurt your eyes

    4. gregw 109 months ago | reply

      Well done :)

    5. jon madison 109 months ago | reply

      your gonna blind yourself woman!

      j(found from photo friday: golden)

    6. Aliaaaaa 109 months ago | reply

      Well, I don't photograph myself like that very often, and I live in Florida, so I probably get more light damage from just walking outside. ;) Thanks for the concern though!

    7. eye of einstein 109 months ago | reply

      and a very effective technique for the highest contrast.. very good..

      I wish I knew more about UTATA

    8. Aliaaaaa 109 months ago | reply

      Einstein, UTATA is a group on Flickr. Just click here and join up. It is open to everyone, and the people there are super nice and helpful. :)

    9. Kirsilouis 106 months ago | reply

      I like the high key look, perfect framing too. Very artistic, my pic from page two in (4 Aces)

    10. Senrab4 106 months ago | reply

      wow awesome. those eyes look amazing!

    11. NetDep 99 months ago | reply

      Fantastic snap - not just the idea, composition and lighting but a wonderful job with post-processing!! I am trying to do more in post -- but it all takes so very long -- with a job that gets in the way of fun stuff!! Great picture and congrats on law school (unless that is old news by now).

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