• Mary suggested trimming these bits of vegetation out before you took the photo! But I can see you were so excited by the find, you may have missed the odd stick! - spelio
  • The light in here is great, is it natural? Maybe a hole in the top! - spelio

red for danger?

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A find in the wood.

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  1. AlexandraPhotos (mac73t) 104 months ago | reply

    Amazing colour. Beautiful shot

  2. ///////.../////// [deleted] 104 months ago | reply

    Nice :)

  3. Walt K 104 months ago | reply

    Great composition, color and shot!!!

  4. aidan67 104 months ago | reply

    Looks as dangerous as a "Cobra "

  5. decoder420 104 months ago | reply

    Living in in Oregon we get lots of mushrooms of all sizes and colors. No prob on the macro thing! I understadn what you mean! It suprises me that some of the people on here know what side to look into on their cam! ;-)

  6. Marie@Kajelund 104 months ago | reply

    Oh this is good.. so good.. I love the "wave" in this shot a lot... wonderful red, I love mushroom shots!

  7. skitzogerl34 104 months ago | reply

    Wow! Awesome red!

  8. CharlieBrown8989 104 months ago | reply

    Great capture...

    yes indeed...

    In 1978 Mar, I have taken some Kodak ASA 25 slides on the red mushroom @ the Singaleton Park , Swansea.

    Few days later Swansea Sound & Soutth Wales Evening News reported that there were 2 young adult were died with these Red mushroom poisoning.

    In 1980's I have moved to Asia, the humidity have destroy those slides.

    Anyway, thanks so much for showing.

  9. dr. motte 103 months ago | reply

    i like all your shrooms 8°)

  10. gratefulimnotdead 101 months ago | reply

    yes red mushroom caps often means "dont eat me" such as amanita muscaria, the most poisinous mushroom know to man.

  11. jacq77 [deleted] 96 months ago | reply

    This is beautiful Alex. A little spot of nature so perfect and lovely!! The colours fantastic!!

    (seen in Bravo)

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called ╠Art Libre-Free Art-Arte Libre-Freie Kunst-invited pix only╣, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

  12. Fort Photo 96 months ago | reply

    Wow that red is wonderful Alex, nicely balanced composition too.

    Seen in 1-2-3 Landscapes (1 A Day) (?)

  13. *Gabisa Motonia 96 months ago | reply

    Wonderful capture !!

    I saw this in the 25+ Faves group and Faved it.

  14. Marie-Josée Lévesque 96 months ago | reply

    Colours........... brillant!

    I saw this in the 25+ Faves group and Faved it.

  15. Vol-au-Vent 96 months ago | reply

    incredible choice peace. are the green stripes grass blades leaning over? Even with the quite strong intensification of the red it's just out of this world. I am glad it made it into the 25+ pool because I haven't seen it before.

    FAVED, of course! And now let's go back to our mushroom omelettes.... ;-/

    I saw this in the 25+ Faves group and Faved it.

  16. tracinglines 78 months ago | reply

    looks like amanita muscaria, as gratefulimnotdead mentioned, which is not even close to being the most poisonous. if eaten raw, it can cause severe nausea and depending on the ammount, possibly death. if heated and cooked for a short time however, is an ancient sacrement used by the siberians to travel to other realms. although, even with proper preparation it is still dangerous and overdose is possible.

  17. a02toyota 68 months ago | reply

    Looks ominous!

    & Beautiful! At least you can shoot!

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