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X marks the spot: a tender kiss in Shibuya

I was loitering near the station, just shooting some pics with the 135mm DC lens that Irwin has temporarily loaned me.


The best feature for me? That it's 200mm f/2 on my D300.


...allowing one to get moments like this tender, parting kiss.


An 'x' on an 'X'.


Oh, and in answer to a few people asking: I hung around for over an hour in the same place before I snagged this shot. Not an hour watching this couple but an hour watching the 'goodbyes' and partings of people that happen at this time of night in Shibuya. One of the secrets to good street photography is putting in the hours.......


Nikon D300

Nikkor 135mm f/2 Defocus Control lens @ f/2

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Uploaded on September 5, 2009