• Auslöser - shutter release lever
  • Verschlussaufzug - shutter cocking lever
  • Blendeneinstellhebel - aperture setting lever
  • Drahtauslöseranschluss - cable release thread
  • Blitzbuchse - flash socket

Paxina II

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Eine recht gut ausgestattete 6x6-Tubuskamera des Carl-Braun-Camerawerks Nürnberg, Baujahr 1950. Die genaue Bezeichnung war "Paxina II", es gab noch die "Paxina I" in einfacherer Ausführung mit Meniskuslinse.

Die Paxina II verfügt über ein 3,5/75-mm-Pointar (von Röschlein) und einen Vario-Verschluss mit 3 Moment-Zeiten und "B".

Der Preis war 66,- DM.

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  1. alf sigaro 98 months ago | reply

    Hi Andreas,

    if the lens is misadjusted, this may be helpful for you ...

  2. song's view [deleted] 90 months ago | reply


    I have a question
    Where is the shutter button?? on this camera??

    I can't see that on the body..
    Please help me to solve this question~
    Thanks~ ^^

  3. alf sigaro 90 months ago | reply


    Look to the picture again - I added notes ...
    (you have to cock the shutter before releasing)

    ... hope I could help you ...

  4. song's view [deleted] 90 months ago | reply

    Thanks~ I got it..
    I really want to get one so I need to learn about it first..
    Thanks again~

    Anyway You got huge collections~ So surprise~ !! @0@

  5. alf sigaro 90 months ago | reply

    You're welcome ...
    Have fun!

  6. keitt55555 88 months ago | reply

    I have just obtained a Paxina but the shutter sticks, if I apply force to bring the cocking lever back it works. Any recomendations WD40 etc.
    Thanks for the contributions allready made I was able to work out what everything does.


  7. smeavews 72 months ago | reply

    was just wondering what a reasonable price for one of these would be?i found one at a shop in town for $70aus?

  8. alf sigaro 72 months ago | reply

    @Leon: $70 seems me to be a little overpriced - even for a shop. On german (or U.K.) ebay you can find them mostly below 10 Euros. Here two examples for U.K.:
    I think the problem for you are probably the shipping costs if you find somewhat outside Australia. It's really hard to know what to do ...

  9. smeavews 72 months ago | reply

    i think ill just go see what she says if i put 50 on the table

  10. alf sigaro 72 months ago | reply

    Ok Leon - not bad, this idea. An advise: Try it with 40 $ (or even less)... ;-)

  11. smeavews 72 months ago | reply

    they went for 50,i put a film through it today,got a bit mixed up w/ the film number system so i shot probably 1 roll worth before the film started then sussed the number window jazz,i still need to scan negs though,not quite sure how they went

  12. alf sigaro 72 months ago | reply

    Well, I can imagine that you young people are a little unfamiliar with this antique number window system ;-)

  13. smeavews 72 months ago | reply

    once the numbers started i was fine

  14. alf sigaro 72 months ago | reply

    @Leon: It works! Anyway - a little more light would do well to the pics ... ;-)

  15. smeavews 72 months ago | reply

    yeah i got mixed up which film was in what camera, but yes it works....

  16. imagesfrugales 68 months ago | reply

    Hallo Alf, auch meine Paxina macht mir große Freude:

    @smeavews and all: you should flock the inside of the cam to lower internal straylight. I did it with selfadhesive black velvet, helps!
    Best regards from Heidelberg - Reinhold

  17. alf sigaro 68 months ago | reply

    @Reinhold: Du entwickelst selber, wie ich sehe. Hab ich auch mal ... vor 3000 Jahren oder so ;-)
    Aber bald bin ich in Rente ... ;-)

  18. Hans Kerensky 2 months ago | reply

    On behalf of Camera-Wiki :
    Thanks for adding your image to the Camera-Wiki Flickr group !

    It appears here in the non-commercial Camera-Wiki :

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