Trey Ratcliff HDR Workshop Group Photo

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This is a group picture of the participants in Trey Ratcliff’s first-ever HDR Workshop. A lot was learned and a great time was had by all. I highly recommend this HDR workshop. If you're going to learn, you should learn from the best. Hopefully, he will host more of these events in the future.

I was there assisting Trey with any folks who needed technical assistance with either their computers or photography.

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  1. –tradewinds•> 64 months ago | reply

    looks fun
    hope all is well Alex

  2. Thorpeland 64 months ago | reply

    Sounds like a good time! You really should have used HDR on this group shot. lol

  3. DaveWilsonPhotography 64 months ago | reply

    Sounds like you all had fun!

  4. lissalou66 64 months ago | reply

    I have to agree with Thorpeland, you should HDR this photo! :)

  5. Stuck in Customs 64 months ago | reply

    hehe wow that's a great shot - thanks!

  6. Knowsphotos 64 months ago | reply

    Thanks for posting, Alex and all your help at the workshop.

  7. {Wes} 64 months ago | reply

    Great lookin bunch! Wonderful meeting everyone.

  8. 64 months ago | reply

    Very cool, great shot! It was great to be there :)

  9. susan_r4 64 months ago | reply

    Great shot of all of you - glad you enjoyed it - looking forward to seeing your photos!

  10. Weaselmcfee 64 months ago | reply

    Yep, can't wait to see the results!!! Nice looking class...GOOD LUCK :D

  11. atmtx 64 months ago | reply

    Looks like a great group of people learning the mysteries of HDR from the grand master himself.

  12. Rajarathinam.Chakravarthy 63 months ago | reply

    cool set of master minds work together trey

  13. Stuck in Customs 63 months ago | reply

    That was a lot of fun -- I think you guys all know how much fun I had - thanks again

  14. Mark Interrante 63 months ago | reply

    I learned a lot and had a great time!

  15. Pat O'Brien Photo 63 months ago | reply

    Looks great! Hopefully Trey comes up north (Mass) soon!

  16. Stuck in Customs 63 months ago | reply

    (I posted this on my blog - pasting here)

    I told the HDR Workshop class last weekend, very sincerely, that I was quite impressed with their progress. It's my first workshop, and I love teaching people, but I did not expect them to make so much progress so quickly. Mind you, we already had a few people that were already quite good, but even they picked up a bunch of new stuff. Without further ado, here is a random selection of some of the resulting shots from their newfound skills!

    (and yes, we are making an HDR DVD of the workshop for those that could not attend the event!)

    A shot from Cliff Blaise of the Driskill Piano, The Pennybacker Bridge, and see his recent Textured Shot (everyone got a copy of my Ultimate textures set) too - nice!
    Michael Steighner is a wonderful guy and artist. Look at this recent shot of his of a Peaceful Evening. And see his photo of the Oasis.
    Wes Browning took this STUNNING HDR from the first day, and also said nice things about the workshop - thanks Wes!
    Michael Paolini was a heck of a nice guy and took this shot of Yours Truly hanging out over the railing at the Oasis.
    Eivind came all the way from NORWAY for the event! See this great 6th Street shot he took during one of our photowalks. He is just 20!
    Frank Jaquier really picked up everything well as you can see from this Driskill photo he took on the first day!
    Mark Interrante did a great job capturing our evening at The Oasis, where I took the group on a bus to capture the sunset.
    See this pretty sunset from Mark Schaffer, who is taking photos for all the right reasons... he loves it!
    Steve Popkin took this killer shot inside the Driskill on the first day!
    Ken Liu was a cool guy that came in from LA for the event - I enjoyed him very much and he got this sunset shot.
    Tim Donar came in from Arkansas for the event.... and I told him I was jealous because he got a better picture of the Frost Tower than I ever have!
    MOST IMPROVED - She flew in from Hawaii and won a great prize for it! Diana Hudson, Before the Workshop and After the Workshop - awesome!

  17. Nikon Nutter 2009 55 months ago | reply

    Super shot and HDR

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