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The Injection (50th/52) | by skippyjon
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The Injection (50th/52)

This week is about diabetes!

You probably don't know since it's not something that was apparent in my previous work but I have type 1 diabetes.


Questions that I often hear when people learn about it:

Q: What does it mean for you?

A: I count how much carbohydrates are in what I eat and inject myself with the appropriate dosage of Humalog (and Lantus).


Q: So, you take insulin?

A: Yes!


Q: Where do you inject yourself?

A: Right on the temple (like shown here)...


Of course, the last anser isn't true. I used to say that just to have a bit of fun watching people having a mental picture of what it would be like before definetely deciding it was impossible.


So yes, I have type 1 diabetes since secondary school. It's not that hard to manage in daily life. Collegues often simply don't know I have this disease unless someone who already knows tells them. I've lived with this for more than 10 years now. I remember when I first learned I had diabetes, I was thinking I was going to be careful until they found for it and I figured it would take about 10 years...


Well, we're not really near a cure now and even though I'm not giving up hope, I'm less optimistic about my chances of having a perfectly healthy body, free of side-effects from diabetes by the time some cure is found and ready to be used.


Lucky suggested I do a shot about my diabetes. Thanks man :)... I'm not totally happy with the results but this was fun to do.

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Taken on December 22, 2008