The Injection (50th/52)

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    This week is about diabetes!
    You probably don't know since it's not something that was apparent in my previous work but I have type 1 diabetes.

    Questions that I often hear when people learn about it:
    Q: What does it mean for you?
    A: I count how much carbohydrates are in what I eat and inject myself with the appropriate dosage of Humalog (and Lantus).

    Q: So, you take insulin?
    A: Yes!

    Q: Where do you inject yourself?
    A: Right on the temple (like shown here)...

    Of course, the last anser isn't true. I used to say that just to have a bit of fun watching people having a mental picture of what it would be like before definetely deciding it was impossible.

    So yes, I have type 1 diabetes since secondary school. It's not that hard to manage in daily life. Collegues often simply don't know I have this disease unless someone who already knows tells them. I've lived with this for more than 10 years now. I remember when I first learned I had diabetes, I was thinking I was going to be careful until they found for it and I figured it would take about 10 years...

    Well, we're not really near a cure now and even though I'm not giving up hope, I'm less optimistic about my chances of having a perfectly healthy body, free of side-effects from diabetes by the time some cure is found and ready to be used.

    Lucky suggested I do a shot about my diabetes. Thanks man :)... I'm not totally happy with the results but this was fun to do.

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    1. suz or sooze 76 months ago | reply

      you almost had me there for a second! just the same i don't envy you having to live with diabetes and those shots... even if they are in a different part of your body. hope they find a cure sooner than later.

      and happy holidays to you.

    2. Athena Carey 76 months ago | reply

      I knew this already, but you did get a great facial expression from me when I got to the "right on the temple (like shown here)..." part. lol My mind gave it a moment's possibility and then of course laughed.

      A lot of us could be a lot healthier if we controlled our carb intake like you do. ;)

    3. lakshalperera 76 months ago | reply

      hehehe, those suckers who believe that! :)

      the photoshop work looks good man, no flaws that i can see! look after yourself over the season of indulgence and keep your sugar levels healthy. :)

    4. 1RockinDiabeticGurl [deleted] 59 months ago | reply

      LOL. I'm a type 1 too and got the same question the other day about where I inject myself and I said with serious face and all "my eyeball, actually. off to the left a little" I'm bad I know

    5. nightstar77 15 months ago | reply

      I cannot belive the shot can be given this way. Every one can put needle to any place one want, but to push the botton far away from being the same. People who take insulin do not take it in this way, no one. ANd face expression will be not so fanny. It is pain if one doing the shot in this way.

      Shot injection is in belly, best place and less painful.

      It is fan to have belly laugh when pain ins not yours, but this is ugly personality to do the way you do it.

    6. skippyjon 15 months ago | reply

      You are correct that an injection is not given this way. I have type 1 diabetes and I was just having fun with this shot. I might have a twisted sense of humor but I think most diabetics won't be too offended by it. By the way, insulin injections don't actually hurt if done properly.

    7. nightstar77 15 months ago | reply

      I agree with you. I do take 300 units of insulin Levemir. It is long acting insulin. I even do not have low blood sugar very often. I do not like short acting insulin. It makes me hungre too much. With Levemir I am OK, can eat as 'normal' person.

      I am sorry for my post. I do not wish to say something to hurt anyone. I am type 2 by diagnose, and I was born diabetic. I took Metformin and Glipizide about 7 years, got stroke both sides. Now I do see my pictures every where on internet. It is really hurt too much. Dyabetes is the same as for type 1 and type 2, it is blood sugar high-low. After stroke my blood sugar went from over 400 to 40 and then back to 440, just during 2-3 hours. I low when it is high and when it is low. It was in 2011, and recently I had another clot. After that body swallow, kidney failure. Thanks God, I still able to deal with this.
      Sorry again. Good luck for you.

    8. skippyjon 15 months ago | reply

      I think I might have had a bit more luck with my diabetes that you have after I read your story. I'm in a much better place now in regards to the management of my diabetes than I was a few years ago (when I took this picture). I really wish you the best of luck with it. It's not fun but with a little bit of luck and some experimentation, it's possible to live an almost normal life.

    9. nightstar77 15 months ago | reply

      Thanks. You are right. I just will say that when we diagnosed with diabetes and take wrong treatment we are really going down. That is why when I am diabetic type 2 I always asked for how long I was diagnosed. I never realized what does it mean until 2011. Now it is over. I just take life how it is, and try to live as good as I can. I go to Lincoln Center, NY Phill, Metropolitan Opera, Chamber Music, and in Summer I go to camping. I love hiking.
      Best for you.

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