LAPD cuffs Paul for not having a front light, July 2nd, 2008
Myself, Paul, and Andrea passed a cyclist in cuffs on Santa Monica Blvd, where it crosses the 101, around midnight on July 2nd. When we stopped to observe the arrest and asked why the cyclist was being detained, officers told Paul that he was now being detained for interfering, and would be placed under arrest. They placed him in cuffs and searched his backpack after Paul specifically denied them consent to do so. Officer Corona told Paul he would be beaten on the way to the station, and his partner Officer Stine, laughed.

I got on the phone with Enci Box. Stephen Box then called the Watch Commander. I also pulled out my camera to document things. Sergeant Harrington came to the scene, but was recalcitrant and repeatedly asserted that detainees do not have the right to an observer - incorrect. The LAPD backed off, and issued Paul a ticket for no front light - despite the fact that he was not riding his bike at the time.

In the meantime they had released the anonymous cyclist 15 minutes before they let Paul out of cuffs. He took off fast, and we weren't able to get his info . . . those times when we tried to talk to him didn't work out - he didn't speak English very well.

We then met Stephen and Enci at the LAPD station on Wilcox, where we discussed the matter further with Harrington and Watch Commander Donatoni. Stine half entered the station lobby, and then scurried away when he noticed us. Harrington and Donatoni defended their officers, and expressed suspicion at Stephen's interest in the matter. I guess it's normal for LAPD to defend their own, but not for cyclists.
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