A vulture watches a starving child [1993]

“The prize-winning image: A vulture watches a starving child in southern Sudan, March 1, 1993.

Carter’s winning photo shows a heart-breaking scene of a starving child collapsed on the ground, struggling to get to a food center during a famine in the Sudan in 1993. In the background, a vulture stalks the emaciated child.


Carter was part of a group of four fearless photojournalists known as the “Bang Bang Club” who traveled throughout South Africa capturing the atrocities committed during apartheid.


Haunted by the horrific images from Sudan, Carter committed suicide in 1994 soon after receiving the award.”




  • Rowan Taylor PRO 4y

    vultures have to eat to.
  • cwardho 4y

    Carter killed himself because of the criticism he received after winning the Pulitzer prize award for not helping the child who was being waited on by a vulture; crawling to a feeding station although he ha been given strict instruction not to touch or interrupt the flow of life.
  • abu baker usman ali shaheen 4y

    can you like page wafa ka paykar
  • Photojazzz 4y

    Helping of victims before reporting (photo/video) is now addressed and pioneered in the Philippines and maybe all over the world by veteran broadcaster and photographer Daniel S. Razon. See link and his advocacies that will change how media must be...

  • ya it's me 4y

    It's painful, brutal and inhumain not to help somebody suffering. Even if I had a gun put to my head, I just couldn't walk away from a child suffering. I am not happy about this, I know it is life, but it makes a person feel like shit just to watch an innocent person die. I don't give a damn if any other animal has to eat. A child is a child! Go on and pretend it doesn't exist, but don't be ignorant!
  • ya it's me 4y

    I'm not cutting down the photo, I understand the passion of it, but most people would think this way. I guarantee it
  • Andrew Scott PRO 4y

    ya it's me this makes us all think and hopefully be better people from seeing it
  • She photographer 4y

    actually.. he committed suicide BEFORE this was even a public photo. It is hard to watch so many humans being eaten alive by animals, birds. you name it. Watching them starve from lack of simple human things like food. ..... I can not even pretend to imagine what it must have felt like.. but his suicide was WAY before this photo became viral. No one can really know what he did for that child, or the HUNDREDS of others.

    Being a photographer is hard. If you put DOWN your camera and feed everyone, the world has NO IDEA what is really going on. With out photos NO ONE knows. So you have to find the balance between the shocker photos like this one that actually MAKES people DO something... or.. feeding one child.

    Im sorry... but feeding ONE.. vs photographing enough to drum up help for thousands... What do you think I choose?
    PS. im a photographer.
  • Karen Squires 3y

    This photograph just breaks my heart..

    rtwoodlands, How can you say that?
  • chip4166 3y

    A heartbreaking photograph. At the risk of sounding terse or insensitive, I see nature in it's truest form here. If you are as touched as I was by this photo (devastated), may I suggest watching "God On Trial", a movie about Jewish prisoners in Auschwitz who put God on trial for abandoning them as they sit in their cells, awaiting their unknown fate. The final minutes of the movie contain dialogue by a rabbi who is a new arrival at the camp and delivers a sermon on the true nature of God at the conclusion of the trial. It is fantastic. In tandem with this photograph, my opinion of who and what "God" might be has been dramatically altered. I am incredibly sad to see this kind of suffering, as are most of us, but in it, I see one aspect of the true nature of life - prey and predator. Food. This is life as it was created. This is what we in a civilized society are protected from and what shocks us into emotions like fear, sadness and anger. I would not have hesitated to throw a rock at the vulture, to assist the child, to do WHATEVER was necessary to protect or assist her. Kevin Carter had a job to do, and this photograph is an outstanding testament to his vision and assignment. It has touched souls, and will continue to do so. It is what it represents that is so shocking. Should he have taken the photo or not? That answer is subjective. I used to believe helping one was futile when thousands others died, but no longer. Helping one changes a universe. We call each other American, Mexican, African, Jewish, etc, but we are all HUMAN. We ALL hunger, thirst, feel pain. This photograph should be mandatory viewing for the human race. I'll get off my soap box now. Thank you Kevin Carter for this photo.
  • Julie1353 3y

    Their government wants them to starve for some reason. The on.y way to know for sure that they will get the money you want to give is to go out there and give it yourself. But their government wants you to not disrupte them. There is something more sinister going on and I believe it is the illuminati wanting to lessen the worlds population so that humans will be easier to control. Everyone of these poor babies that die go directly to paradise with Jesus. They will never suffer again, but the people who are doing this to them will burn for eternity because they have rejected Christ. They are not helping the poor and widows or the orphans. Mark Zuckerberg just spent one billionon a company, companies spend that much all the time. They are the ones who could really help them.
  • Gill Chaong 3y

    The big question was and still, 'did he help the child? Or just take the picture and left'
  • libra137 3y

    my! what a crazy world we are living in! magazines posting the richest people on earth, why not alongside with it... things they have done to help these people on these situations!!!! where your hearts?!!!!!
  • carlosgraham 3y

    He could have fed the child but he said he was a reporter and did not want to interfere. Reporters must be subhuman. And to you, She Photographer. Take the picture and feed the child as well. You don't have to choose, damn moron.
  • GigiReal1 3y

    I'm sorry but i also have to agree with carlosgraham..minus the moron part -which is disrespectful btw...i agree..i understand completely affecting many with a picture as shocking and hard hitting as this one..but change also strts with one. and he kud have done his job and let his HUMAN instincts come into play and help the child.
  • Andrew Scott PRO 3y

    kevin carter ultimately paid the price for this picture by taking his own life, i think that tells a story of a man who saw what we choose not to.
  • superfunusername 3y

    pemiway if you feel like this while masturbating you're doing it wrong
  • loisandjackie 3y

    me and my 10 year old daughter has seen this photo,its had a massive impact,my daughter who;s only 10 says that the government should take more care,not just the countrys that are rich,but to take care off the countrys that are poorer,now its mamma talking,its sooo sad ,breaks my heart still to this day when will the world learn,we have enough resources in this world to not have hungerx
  • Stephanie Womack 2y

    I was a child when this picture was taken so seeing it today is a new and very unpleasant experience. I appreciate all the comments and different perspective of this photograph. My impressions/thoughts were of coarse that the picture was horrific. However in a different way than most. It is not the vulture in the picture that upset me but the vulture behind the lens . I have no idea who this man was and do not want to know. This man, this person, this human being STOPPED to take a picture of this helpless child instead of RUNNING to the child side and taking him to get food, water and anything else the child needed. I understand that maybe the photographer was trying to make a point. To have proof of what terrible things go on when the world closes it's eyes. However in my heart I think he wanted money/fame. He used that helpless,starving, hunted and innocent child for his own personal gain. My belief is backed up by the reports that he left the child alone after he took the picture. He walked away instead of helping. He ignored the very basic core, innate reflexes that even the darkest of souls have. He abandoned the child/children he was supposed to be there to help. I would kill myself as he did if I left a dying child to be eaten by a vulture. He deserves NO respect for this picture. This picture should never have happened!
  • Yamille Soto 2y

    Its a heartbreaking photo but its the REALITY! this happens everyday people starving to death. The Fact is he didnt do anything about it but everyday people dont do anything about a life/death situation either. This photo is about whats happening in that moment that has such POWER not what happend to the child, even though we can all assume what happend. if u really analyze the photo everyone can relate to this photo... SUFFERING AND PAIN.
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Taken on August 5, 2007
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