• I love all this rubble! - Madeline RM
  • how the lighting on his back & neck is perfect. <3 - mattwilkey
  • Bat or owl? Can't really see. Interesting detail though! - orinoko42
  • glorious detail lines and hilights. Sorry about the banding.. :o Gorgeous depth. - jocelyn meadows.
  • It's a bat, Orinoko.
    I killed one once, and was able to examine it close up.
    Brilliant photograph, Alex. It's gorgeous even with the banding. - DreamingOfAutumn
  • dude.. - Mary Jo.
  • Awesome! - lenju4
  • it would be perfect without this detail also;) i think. sorry mate - ∆ toma ϟ
  • The ground is what makes this even better, oh my. - Albin Thelander


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A few weeks ago, David, Liisa, Gurbir, Brian, and I drove out to the Mojave Desert in search of lava tubes left from extinct volcanoes. We took a detour to climb some enormous sand dunes, almost becoming sick with heat exhaustion along the way.

Flickr makes this look pretty awful, honestly. There's uncontrollable banding and grossness going on that I can't seem to do anything about.

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  1. Olivia Youell 30 months ago | reply

    Simply amazing the lighting everything about it. There are no words!!

  2. CatherineMacgeorge 30 months ago | reply

    This is so powerful. Words can't even describe how much I love this.

  3. Kacie Robertson 30 months ago | reply

    i love the lighting in this. I wish the opening was edited out, it takes too much of my focus.

  4. Fauxaddress - Edward 30 months ago | reply

    This is very cool.

    How did you find lava tubes? I know, I love sand dunes too, but play in them far too long. Try Death Valley sometime and Rhyolite nearby - wait until it cools off some though.

  5. Brian Farnum 30 months ago | reply

    Regardless of the way Flickr makes it appear, its a fantastic! Love the lighting on the shoulders.

  6. MarisaAnn94 30 months ago | reply

    Oh my gosh. You are phenomenal.

  7. Siréliss {2010} 30 months ago | reply

    This is amazing. The light is so well used.

  8. Evan J Atwood 30 months ago | reply

    I always find it so difficult to comment on your creations, even though I find reassurance in them in the most unique way. They are incredible in a multitude of ways, and even this one speaks levels to me. Even if it is simple at the seam, there is so much more.

  9. mishainmadrid 30 months ago | reply

    a striking, dramatic image

  10. ivanalivia 30 months ago | reply

    incredibile!!! Fantastica!!!

  11. VihVi*------* 29 months ago | reply

    it just remind me the book "Perfume"

  12. iwona r. [deleted] 29 months ago | reply


  13. its.obviously.me 29 months ago | reply

    this photo reminds me of Daniel in the Lion's den in the Bible.

  14. Evelyne Erni 27 months ago | reply

    This photo reminds me of Plato's allegory of the cave so much! Great job!

  15. MyVisualPoetry 26 months ago | reply

    This is one of my favorite concepts in your work.

  16. MATT @INLEY 25 months ago | reply

    Stunningly iconic image

  17. pretterklieber 3 weeks ago | reply

    You are incredible.

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