• These ruffles on her sleeve are so, so pretty. Her looks makes her seem likes she wants to run somewhere. Anywhere, just away. I like how the branch in the back of her head makes it look like she has a very long, thick braid.
    JO - lady-spontaneity
  • The braid is my favorite detail! - UhOhItsJewels
  • this is incredible. - brandisheree
  • the textures! - Melissa Gandhi
  • the depth of field<3 - Valerie Kasinski
  • The fabric and colors right here... beautiful. - mbg580
  • I really love her hand pose here! Incredible - Maike Born
  • 我勒个去!! - chaosdrop

Awaken, spring.

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Wisteria has been blooming everywhere recently, and I wanted to shoot with it before it all died away, so English and I got together to shoot this. I was a bit worried going into it, because the weather had predicted cloudy weather and rain, but it ended up being sunny and very hot. We made do with it, though. My mom and English's mom both assisted today. And as before, English was the perfect model.

I've gotta say that my mom is, hands-down, the best person to have assisting on any shoot. I'm always appreciative to anyone who comes along to lend a hand, but my mom just seems to get into the shoot more than anyone else and seems to care about the final photo almost as much as me. Most people wait until I ask for something to be done, but my mom has helped me on enough shoots to know what I'm going to want and jump into it without being asked, and even makes suggestions of her own as far as lighting and locations and all. I don't know. I just appreciate her help, is all.

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  1. IcArusFliesaGain (**Hassan J**) 67 months ago | reply

    wow so awesome...this made my day!

  2. Nicole Apodaca 67 months ago | reply

    Omw this is amazing, Alex! My mom is the same way she comes with me on a lot of shoots and helps out with ideas and stuff! Yay for moms that care about your photography almost as much as you do! :) :)

  3. Martin Vlach 67 months ago | reply

    This is really beautiful! :)

  4. KelceyLynn [deleted] 67 months ago | reply

    And now I'm inspired all over again to step up my photography game.
    Your photos are breathtaking to say the least, awesome job!

  5. Ben Moscona | Photography 67 months ago | reply

    Beautiful framing and color, congrats on the feature on chasejarvis!!! :D

  6. Miss Fruit Joy 67 months ago | reply

    Suggestive and dreamy image!

  7. Irina Luca [deleted] 67 months ago | reply

    beautiful whimsical mood!!

  8. jeremyay 67 months ago | reply

    This is so beautiful! Keep up the amazing work :)

  9. eclectic.vision 67 months ago | reply

    This is really lovely.

  10. emberfly ☮ 65 months ago | reply

    I'm still baffled at how you managed to capture perfection. I thought perfection was impossible for humans.

  11. Märta Norrby 64 months ago | reply

    the purple bokeh is amazing!

  12. Rukaiyah.M 63 months ago | reply

    amazing! lovely colors

  13. pinguin1961 63 months ago | reply

    Absolutly fantastic and beautiful!
    This picture really looks like from a fantasy film.

  14. reylia-slaby 50 months ago | reply

    The colors are so beautiful! Its framing her wonderfully!

  15. Kate Sparkss 46 months ago | reply

    Oh my! PERFECT! With love, Kate xoxo

  16. bibilamy 45 months ago | reply

    lovely lovely lovely !!! !!

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