• the emotion is amazing - Angus Bovill
  • her eye!!! - Jacob Robert Price
  • i think i just died, this is beautiful - Oliver Charles
  • This image is beautiful! But there is something weird going on this white part here. Just thought you should know, if you haven't noticed... But again, I love this whole thing! - © gillianvilla
  • Thanks for the heads-up! When I look at my screen from a reeeeeally low angle, I do see some banding. Your screen might be a little dark. Or maybe mine is not calibrated correctly? Does anyone else see this?
  • I only see it if I tilt my screen up. But if I have myy screen up at a normal level it looks fine! :) - martinak15
  • I see it only when I bend down really far - Jacob Robert Price
  • this is great - joeribosma
  • same here - alesha joy.
  • I see it whether my screen is tilted or not. - painted in flames
  • I can't really see the white problem on a Mac screen. - Jake Hegel
  • I never noticed it; only when I view my screen from a low angle do I see the banding. Gorgeous image, Alex! Really, really outstanding. - Emerald Shatto (Old account)
  • Mia's face is... perfection. - Cynthia.Wong
  • i keep coming back to this and all i can think about is the juxtaposition of the two heads; one looking down, and one looking up. something about it is so striking. - David Talley
  • only when I look from a very low angle. besides that, it's perfectly fine! - laurennloveless
  • The striking mustard yellow against the natural blurred out background, j'adore! - Kelsey DeLane Photography
  • Yeah, I can see it too, unless I stand up or tilt my screen wayyy down, it doesn't disappear. but that might just be my mac? - -kenza
  • I'm really loving the spots. - clairenat
  • this is gorgeous. - Meg Hartley
  • :) - miradel
  • love love love this :) - miradel
  • Awesome! ♥ - Starsko
  • this stray hair<3 - henrypotter.


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I took this photograph of Mia way back in December as part of a project that I still can't say anything about. I finally got permission to upload this, though, as it is an unused outtake. There will be one other outtake following.

This day was really awesome. I got permission from the local animal park, Wild Animal Safari, to go take photographs there, and we got slobbered and jumped on by all of the animals.

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  1. henrypotter. 17 months ago | reply

    this is beyond outstanding. I can't even justify it with a comment about how much I adore it.

  2. francescasch [deleted] 17 months ago | reply

    this picture is killing me.

  3. thegracepivot 17 months ago | reply

    One set of eyes going up, the other going down. And the softness of the lines and shadows. The chocolate toffee color tones. I've been here multiple times over the past months, long before I got a flickr account. This photo rings a bell inside me every time.

  4. Thaiska Δ 17 months ago | reply

    Estou apaixonadíssima pela foto!

  5. Chrissie64 17 months ago | reply

    The juxtaposition of their faces has a magical result

  6. slowdevil 15 months ago | reply

    This is one of the most fantastic photos I've ever seen.

  7. TylerWise92 15 months ago | reply

    Hi I thought it would be courteous to ask permission first but how would you feel about me painting this?

  8. JohnVenice 14 months ago | reply

    Well I can't go past this can I?

  9. eroticlife [deleted] 13 months ago | reply


  10. B. Abelenda 13 months ago | reply

    WOW!! No words!

  11. Peter Scumaci 12 months ago | reply

    Great image. I love the processing. Beautiful! Even magical.

  12. lorraine222 12 months ago | reply

    Great! Well more than great.

  13. charlotte zoe 11 months ago | reply

    So beautiful! This looks like a wise and kind giraffe :)

  14. biancavanderwerf 7 months ago | reply

    wauwww, your work is breathtaking!!!

  15. Roberto Ragno 5 months ago | reply

    You're a great inspiration to me. I love your works!

  16. Jonny_Football 6 weeks ago | reply

    Awesome!! This is truly breathtaking.

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