• the emotion is amazing - Angus Bovill
  • her eye!!! - Jacob Robert Price
  • i think i just died, this is beautiful - Oliver Charles
  • This image is beautiful! But there is something weird going on this white part here. Just thought you should know, if you haven't noticed... But again, I love this whole thing! - © gillianvilla
  • Thanks for the heads-up! When I look at my screen from a reeeeeally low angle, I do see some banding. Your screen might be a little dark. Or maybe mine is not calibrated correctly? Does anyone else see this?
  • I only see it if I tilt my screen up. But if I have myy screen up at a normal level it looks fine! :) - martinak15
  • I see it only when I bend down really far - Jacob Robert Price
  • this is great - joeribosma
  • same here - alesha joy.
  • I see it whether my screen is tilted or not. - painted in flames
  • I can't really see the white problem on a Mac screen. - Jake Hegel
  • I never noticed it; only when I view my screen from a low angle do I see the banding. Gorgeous image, Alex! Really, really outstanding. - Emerald Shatto (Old account)
  • Mia's face is... perfection. - Cynthia.Wong
  • i keep coming back to this and all i can think about is the juxtaposition of the two heads; one looking down, and one looking up. something about it is so striking. - David Talley
  • only when I look from a very low angle. besides that, it's perfectly fine! - laurennloveless
  • The striking mustard yellow against the natural blurred out background, j'adore! - Kelsey DeLane Photography
  • Yeah, I can see it too, unless I stand up or tilt my screen wayyy down, it doesn't disappear. but that might just be my mac? - -kenza
  • I'm really loving the spots. - clairenat
  • this is gorgeous. - Meg Hartley
  • :) - miradel
  • love love love this :) - miradel
  • Awesome! ♥ - Starsko
  • this stray hair<3 - henrypotter.


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I took this photograph of Mia way back in December as part of a project that I still can't say anything about. I finally got permission to upload this, though, as it is an unused outtake. There will be one other outtake following.

This day was really awesome. I got permission from the local animal park, Wild Animal Safari, to go take photographs there, and we got slobbered and jumped on by all of the animals.

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  1. TylerWise92 27 months ago | reply

    Hi I thought it would be courteous to ask permission first but how would you feel about me painting this?

  2. JohnVenice 27 months ago | reply

    Well I can't go past this can I?

  3. eroticlife [deleted] 25 months ago | reply


  4. B. Abelenda 25 months ago | reply

    WOW!! No words!

  5. Peter Scumaci 25 months ago | reply

    Great image. I love the processing. Beautiful! Even magical.

  6. lorraine222 24 months ago | reply

    Great! Well more than great.

  7. charlotte zoe 24 months ago | reply

    So beautiful! This looks like a wise and kind giraffe :)

  8. biancavanderwerf 19 months ago | reply

    wauwww, your work is breathtaking!!!

  9. Roberto Ragno 17 months ago | reply

    You're a great inspiration to me. I love your works!

  10. Jonny_Football 14 months ago | reply

    Awesome!! This is truly breathtaking.

  11. ESTERGOM 5 months ago | reply

    Well done!

  12. Kombizz 2 months ago | reply

    nice boyfriend

  13. samurai_giraffe 6 weeks ago | reply

    I would endure any amount of giraffe slobber for that shot :)

  14. Jonny_Football 6 weeks ago | reply

    me too! I'm still floored by the beauty of this photo.

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