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    I decided to continue instead of taking a break. I really just needed to sleep on it, because I was being kind of irrational last night.

    So, some good news. I tried my remote again, and by some miracle it still works even after an hour at the bottom of the pool, and also, I told my Uncle Dennis about my tripod, and he bought a new one online right away and it will be here in a couple days. He's so great. He bought me my 50mm f/1.8 too.

    (I managed this shot with my little tabletop tripod. It wasn't easy. It kept falling over under the weight of my camera.)


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    1. Rora Elisabeth 45 months ago | reply

      I really like all of the darkness and the dirt on your body.

    2. this heartbeat ∞ 45 months ago | reply

      wow, absolutely stunning

    3. TruthLiesHere 45 months ago | reply

      this one is really nice! i like people who dont mind getting dirty to get a good shot (:

    4. Jim B's Photographs 45 months ago | reply

      you continue the series of haunting self portraits, your creativity and skill is so inspiring, excellent work

    5. DecodingDillan 45 months ago | reply

      oh my gosh. I love this concept! I bet that was pretty freaky getting in that hole. No telling whats crawling in there with you.
      Great shot man!

    6. Magne M 45 months ago | reply

      woops, this is dramatic and bizarre, and so really really good.
      There's a story to this shot, not sure I want to know the details hehe

      great shot

    7. JasonTank 45 months ago | reply

      I love this, but I wish I could see more. It's just too dark for me.

    8. Phillip Schumacher 45 months ago | reply

      Holy are amazing dude!
      The light, the pose, the earthy tones....perfect.
      And I want I Uncle like that too, you are a lucky man :D

    9. liamjohnson 45 months ago | reply

      This is one of the best works ive seen in such a long time.
      Bravo mu friend. So dramatic. It makes you think.

    10. C.J. Newberry 45 months ago | reply

      glad you're feeling better. :)
      I like that when you feel better you crawl in dirt. mhmm.

      great job.

    11. infinitelycurious 45 months ago | reply

      this is so great.
      do you have to travel far for most of the location you shoot at?
      all the locations of your shoots are amazing.

    12. alexstoddard 45 months ago | reply

      @Pranaya: Nope. 90% of the locations at which I shoot are in the woods behind my house. It has a mostly-dried creek running through it with high walls, and there's where I took this.

    13. JammieDodgerJCA 45 months ago | reply

      So many great shots ......... You are a true artist .........

    14. infinitelycurious 45 months ago | reply

      woods behind your house?!
      That is pretty ace.
      So I've decided that I'll move in with yah. Hope you don't mind XD

    15. andreea iuliana 40 months ago | reply

      your family is so awesome and supportive of you, kind of makes me jealous haha

    16. KatherineMassier 40 months ago | reply

      what camera do you use?

    17. kingamesaros 33 months ago | reply

      this looks like one of those paintings of the 16th century you can find all over Italy ;)

    18. Bodiiin 21 months ago | reply

      Podcast Episode 8 - alexstoddard


      I have blogged a VIDEO PODCAST CRITIQUE of this great image here.
      I hope that you like it. :-)

    19. mikhailvos [deleted] 20 months ago | reply

      Did you notice a huge difference from changing to a Canon EOS 5D Mark II for the Nikon D3000?

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