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Delivered in foam.



As I was adjusting the focus once again (this never seems to yield anything but bad occurrences.. maybe I should just shoot out-of-focus shots from now on) a monstrous wave crashed on the shore and up to my backpack. I yanked it into the air, but the whole bottom was soaked. Luckily, it didn't damage my camera battery charger, but it completely destroyed my iPod Touch. D: Aaaagh. I was so mad. That wouldn't have happened had I taken my regular camera bag (It's actually a carrying Monster energy drink cooler bag. Haha. But at least it's waterproof.) It's whatever, though. It's all just material things after all.


Later, Lauren and I went back out into the water even though there were still two red flags. We swam out to where we could barely stand, which, today, turned out to be not that great of an idea. I started swimming back to shore, only to realize that I was caught in a rip tide, and every stroke only took me further away from the shore. I screamed to Lauren that it was pulling me out, and we both took off back toward the shore, swimming as hard as we could. I had told her yesterday that if she was caught in one of these to swim to the side to escape it, but I suppose she forgot, for after a few minutes of swimming, I turn back around and see that she has been pulled several dozen yards further back into the ocean and is crying and flailing about. There was no way I could reach her without being pulled out myself, so I swam back to shore for help, but just as I could finally stand again, I noticed that everyone on shore was standing and pointing to where Lauren was, and two men were running out to save her. They managed to help her back to the sand, and I was forced to listen to Lauren talk all day about how she had almost died. I just laugh.

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Taken on July 1, 2010