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    Testimonio de Robert J.P. Oberg

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    1. Alejandro Calore (REAL&SHORT® owner) 5 months ago | reply

      ENGLISH TRASLATION (full text):
      "A short time ago a colleague asked me if we had a "shotlist" in mind when filming a wedding. A guide of shots needed to complete the edition. I replied that at first, when my work was repetitive formulas and methods to be able to do the same film over and over again, I did have a list of shots. But now that I knew Alejandro Calore's Manifesto, I was able to tackle each job looking for qualities unique to the project, and therefore such lists were not necessary. This is just a bit of the great contribution that, in my opinion, The Calore Manifesto means for the social video world. It has given form and structure to what many of us tried to guess or approach by intuition. And it is not a method or a list of steps to follow. More than that, I see The Manifesto as audiovisual tools that allow the director to think in a critical way when making decisions either when filming or in editing. For me, knowing The Manifesto and getting acquainted with the audiovisual principles that it presents was also something that allowed me a very practical and personal approach to the language of cinema. From there I was able to grow in creativity and experiment in ways I had never considered before.
      I am very grateful to Alejandro Calore for sharing his experiences, ideas, and proposals. His Manifesto does not cease to be a great inspiration and it seems to me an indispensable book for all those who seek to do an authentic, cinematographic work, and with qualities that go beyond the technical."

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