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a Polaroid exhibition by ale di gangi
20 + 1 shots selected & collected

As each exhibition features a partly different set of photos, this is the complete collection of all Polaroids that are / have been exhibited in the various stages of the exhibition.

The exhibition is now in Trieste c/o the KNULP Bar (Nov. 18th/Dec 7th).
In the new year more will come.

Special reproductions of some Polaroid shots printed on plexiglass (1:1 or 50x61) are available for sale; get in touch for further details.

More info and photos can be found at the dedicated page on my website

the complete list of all exhibitions:
- March/April 2010 c/o 01 hair - space (Pistoia)
- April/May 2010 c/o Société Anonyme clothing store (Firenze)
- May/July 2010 c/o CUCO - cucina contemporanea (Firenze)
- September/October 2010 c/o Dada Spa (Firenze) (private exhibition, not open to the public)
- October/November 2010 c/o Melbookstore Seeber (Firenze)
-November/December 2010 c/o KNULP bar (Trieste)

Photos of the actual locations can be seen on a Picasa web album; more will be added as the exhibition moves from one venue to another...

The *possible* exhibition - complete
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The *possible* exhibition -...

40 photos, 1 video