Tre manichine per l'assassino (Three dummies for a killer)

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    ...Non meno importante e straordinario è il film seguente "Sei donne per l’assassino". La trama è abbastanza intricata e inverosimile. Si tratta di un assassino che uccide modelle nei modi più fantasiosi. Come si vede Seven non ha inventato nulla...
    Si tratta di un delirio pop con colori irrealistici, con una varietà cromatica incredibile. Al confronto un film di Argento sembra un quadro naif.
    Ancora una volta è l’ironia a dominare; quando alcuni critici chiesero a Bava il significato del finale si mise a ridere. Il contenuto non ha ragione d’essere, quello che interessa è la forma.

    (citazione rubata da Qualche nota su Mario Bava e il suo cinema)

    Ieri sera, dopo la performance di Marco Parente mi sono quasi fatto cacciare in malo modo dall'atelier perché stavo fotografando un po' troppo i manichini esposti; ma la tentazione e la necessità di ottenere uno scatto simile era troppo forte.

    (English version: yesterday night, after the Marco Parente performance, I almost got thrown out of the atelier because I was taking too many photos of the mannequins on show; but I just needed to get at least on good shot like this one.
    This is a tribute to Mario Bava and his masterpiece film "Sei donne per l’assassino" (please read review here to fully understand the picture)

    These mannequins were photographed during an installation by Leonardo Baglioni and Marco Parente held c/o the San Jacopo Show atelier (Firenze) on Sept, 28th, 2005.
    © exists by the artist(s) who created the mannequins.

    See other pics of the series: here, here, here and here.

    This is a Lomofake
    better seen at large size

    My contribution to Photo Friday "Darkness"

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    1. ale2000 115 months ago | reply

      @ Gienna & Mirando: thanks for your comments in the first place... as a matter of fact, I come and go on the deleteme group (according on spare time at work he he), but I have been voting and being voted a few times by now. I voted a few pics right today, before submitting this one and if you check on the pool you'll see my votes. I don't think I reached 15 just today, but I have gone well beyond that in the past :)
      [ I also have two pics on The Safe pool, if that can serve as further proof ;) ]

    2. Gienna Writes 115 months ago | reply

      @ale -- thanks for letting me know and for being gracious about it. I'm editing my above vote to add a saveme.

      Now go vote on some more pics!

    3. pazzia 115 months ago | reply

      i think there's too much contrast
      if you tried again with less and got rid of that stuff between the far right and middle dummy (put up a black curtain there or something) it would be neat.
      i like the grouping of similar images but tilted in different directions.

      -voted as "deleteme3" (from the Delete me! group)

    4. JJParé 115 months ago | reply

      yeah, it's a nice composition, but unfortunately the contrast is way too harsh here.

      -voted as "deleteme4" (from the Delete me! group)

    5. miwo76 115 months ago | reply

      I really like the contrast in this shot. I agree with .m about the blown out highlights...but I have to admit it doesn't really distract me.

      I like it.

      -voted as "saveme4" (from the Delete me! group)

    6. Tom Q 115 months ago | reply

      The contrast and the extraneous clutter behind the mannequins take away from the overall effect. I am also surprised that there are no "too dark" comments.

      -voted as "deleteme5" (from the Delete me! group)

    7. Robin Thom 115 months ago | reply

      Well make that 4 dummies

      and one of them is a killer.

      I don't see the appeal.

      -voted as "deleteme6" (from the Delete me! group)

    8. feliz paloma 115 months ago | reply

      extraneous background, harsh light.

      -voted as "deleteme7" (from Deleteme! group)

    9. DEL3 115 months ago | reply

      harsh light kills it, background that's not quite all black mutilates the corpse.

      -voted as "deleteme8" (from the Delete me! group)

    10. jonathan77 115 months ago | reply

      this could be an album cover for a new wave band from the eighties!
      swear to god.

      i dont think this was intended to be pleasing to the eye
      am i right?

      creative and different
      no hallmark card qualities here.

      -voted "saveme5"

    11. debbieOD 115 months ago | reply

      I wouldn't say the highlights are blown out. You can still clearly make out the textures of the fabric and the patterns of the fabric on the highlights.

    12. neoviking 115 months ago | reply

      i'm not crazy about the harshness of the light -- seems to distract from the profiles/shapes/contours going on here. but i like it all the same.

      -voted as "saveme6" (from Deleteme! group)

    13. 짜디그노스 (Zadignose) 115 months ago | reply

      High contrast, fine, framing fine, technically fine, subject not interesting to me.

      -voted as "deleteme9" (from the Delete me! group).

    14. jonathan77 115 months ago | reply

      its a concept photo.
      read the intention behind it before voting.
      if you dont understand...then dont vote

    15. Magdalen Green Photography 115 months ago | reply

      nice composition - too dark - i don't see the appeal in this


    16. ale2000 115 months ago | reply

      ah... thank you jonathan77, you're the only one who got the point of this photo.
      and, no, it wasn't meant nor designed to please, it's supposed to be "disquieting" and out of the usual borders of classic photography (as is my whole "work"); it is supposed to be harsh on the right and blown out on the left and cluttered in the background (gives reality to the field, not wanted as artificially blank).
      finally, it mustn't be perfect and almost no-one understood; they're all too concerned in being good critics of fine arts and show the good eye for the detail.
      except those who said "like it" or "don't like it"...
      he he he

    17. loungerie 115 months ago | reply

      Hai voglia di metterla anche in questo gruppo...
      è molto bella...

    18. ale2000 115 months ago | reply

      @ loungerie: grazie, molto volentieri! :)

    19. stormrider777(leaving flkr soon) 73 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called (WE ARE) SHOWROOM DUMMIES, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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