Internet censorship in UAE

Internet censorship in the United Arab Emirates.

Cenzura Internetu ve Spojených arabských emirátech.


Religion is a bad bad thing, especially when it is powerful enough to enforce censorship of competing ideas. In United Arab Emirates all sites not compatible with the state religion (Islam) are blocked. I am very happy Christianity in Europe lost most of its former power centuries ago...


Náboženství je zlo, zvláště pokud má dost sil prosadit persekuci konkurenčních myšlenek. Ve Spojených arabských emirátech jsou blokovány všechny weby nekompatibilní se státním náboženstvím - islámem. Jsem moc rád, že evropské křesťanství ztratilo většinu své moci již před staletími...

  • Jakub Friedl 8y

    Well theocracy is probably not the best word and it is little overemphasizing, but the point is that in the UAE religion has much more power over the state, its laws, government, community standards etc. than anywhere in Europe.
  • John Mark van Rozendaal 8y

    khalid wrote: "Well, it seems that the UAE is just blocking the display of hate materials."

    I have had a look at the faithfreedom website, and I cannot find anything that I would recognize as "hate materials."
  • Dale 8y

    Khalid and Alarch: Thank you both so much for the interesting and riveting intellectual discourse. Certainly, it is always a good idea to NEVER make broad, sweeping generalization; I've learned this the hard way, too. But what I really enjoyed was that neither of you resorted to yelling (at least I didn't percieve any) or flinging epithets at one another. Truly, inspiring dialogue and intellectually stimulating discourse. Thank you both for your perspectives.
  • krishna109: 2007 8y

    Are they just blocking hate materials? It seem that the UAE is also blocking Flickr . . . ?
  • Chris Rimmer 7y

    "it is always a good idea to NEVER make broad, sweeping generalization"

    Isn't that a sweeping generalization? ;-) sorry couldn't resist!
  • Sergei Lewis 7y

    "And here in Europe, I can access any page I want to. There are no censor screens."

    Technically true, yes. You just get arrested instead.
  • Flea Circus Director 7y

    Is it possible to test if your site meets the required standards? For example I've tagged a Toyshop site with RDF labels but I'm not sure if anyone uses them.
  • mr robbit 7y

    The problem with one country blocking "inappropriate" content, which largely a free speech issue, is you allow unenlightened control freaks who decide what content is suitable for you to read, view and/or enjoy on the Internet. That is not acceptable and these unenlightened control freaks wanted to control how you live your life because you let them!

    The role of a democratic government is to ACKNOWLEDGE and PROTECT your right to free speech, freedom of expression and the free practice of any religion, NOT impose their decisions ON YOU on viewing, reading, enjoying, making and/or following whatever you, as a human being, are allowed to do so. The prevention is an act of DISCRIMINATION against your right as a human being.

    Your government, in blocking such contents, would rather dumb you down so to avoid any information from the Internet that might be deemed as "provocative" or "inappropriate", when such information is usually criticism being demonstrated against your government's decisions to control your life and/or the government's inappropriate or criminal actions against the people. By blocking such contents is to allow the government to get away with crime, murder, or violence upon people.

    Only YOU decide what is appropriate and what is not appropriate, not your government's (or your monarch's). If you see a hate material on the Net, you do not complain to the government or to a group, you just dismiss it and MOVE ON. Leave whatever hate material to someone dumb enough to believe in or wallow in it.

    I have seen some hate materials on the Internet that I thought it was really inappropriate. So what did I do? I dismiss them and move on, not complain to the authorities like a crybaby. So grow up, be intelligent and have a backbone.

    Khalid, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with politics, religious beliefs or "ism" concepts, it has to do with you allowing unenlightened control freaks to control and dictate your life. Understand?
  • anmarkovi 6y

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  • Bill 5y

    There is nothing wrong about having community standards but ... we need to be careful when basic rights are taken away and an appeal is made that it's under the category of 'community standards'. Note that this action smells like something that quells critical thought. A poster mentioned that atheistic secularism can be just as bad: agreed. Fundamentalism is fundamentalism and it needs to be fought. Look at the ACLU in the U.S. - they have fought against misinterpretations of church/state separation by secular fundamentalists so ... again .... fundamentalist acts that quell critical thought and expression need to be addressed. And.... this action smells awfully like something that is quelling free speech. We can look at countries whose social evolution is more advanced (e.g. the U.S. is still evolving and not at the same level as western european countries). The countries that have the highest degree of social evolution (as measured by quality of life for all) don't engage in these actions.
  • bratislavr 4y

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  • bratislavr 3y

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  • bratislavr 3y

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