HaringAi learns about vacuum cleaners

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    Third in a set of five photos about the rapid evolution
    of HaringAi - Haringey Council's Artificial Intelligence
    online e-form.


    Back in April 2008, I felt I'd begun to make friends with HaringAi.

    Spotting this dumped vacuum cleaner I supplied my electronic chum with a street-name and a real house number. But like a small child, it kept asking for more information.

    Realising its database was then at an early stage, I typed into the Council's webform:

    "A vacuum cleaner is a domestic cleaning machine which uses suction to remove unwanted matter - for example, crumbs, dust, cat hairs etc - from household objects like furniture; and surfaces such as carpets and other flooring. This model - dumped on the pavement in Carew Road - can be easily spotted by its shiny cherry-red colour."

    Third in a set of five photos

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