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Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo Tent - Clear Creek Campground - Grand Canyon

This is Eric's Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo at the Clear Creek Campground. The wind was really blowing but he set it up quickly and securely. Eric tries to be ultralight but when he's not looking I sneak more stuff into his pack - that's how I become an ultralight backpacker.


We were on our way to Cheyava Falls. Cheyava Falls after a wet winter on the North Kaibab Plateau is on the "must see" list for every serious Canyon Hiker. Come with me on a visual trek. We start on the South Kaibab to Phantom Ranch the across the Clear Creek Trail to Clear Creek and up to Cheyava Falls. 45 miles and over 10,000 feet of accumulated elevation gain - and no trail up the creek - bushwhacking at its finest. You can read my hike description and triplog on HikeArizona.com hikearizona.com/decoder.php?ZTN=15318 hikearizona.com/x.php?I=4&ZTN=15318&UID=21152


Tough place to figure the campground design guidelines. The winds change direction. So the rear is pointing at the prevailing wind at the time it was set up, and rocks have created windbreaks all around the tent for when the winds change direction.

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Taken on January 1, 2009