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Saturday Scrum Sprint 01 | by alandd
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Saturday Scrum Sprint 01

(Bem vindo ao membros do groupo Yahoo! gtdbr!)


Using a "Scrum sprint" for Saturday chores. (Auto-corrected to compensate for no flash.) View large for details.


--- Materials ----

- Foam board nailed to the wall in the dining room.

- Self stick 3x5 index cards

- Small sticky notes


--- Roles ---

- Mom = Product Owner

- Dad = ScrumMaster

- Kids = Scrum Team


--- Process ---

- Mom created spreadsheet of "sprint backlog" a few days before.

-- Jobs (or areas of the house) divided into smaller tasks.

- Dad created the heading cards, job cards and the sticky notes of each task.

- 10:30-ish AM a stand up meeting is held in front of the board.

- Points are assigned to each task. Just three possible values to keep it easy:

-- 1 = easy, 2 = normal, 3 = hard

-- Point values of each task decided jointly by kids

-- Value veto power (if needed) from Mom and Dad.

- Point value written on lower right of each task sticky note.

- Go!

- Kids pick any task or two, writing initial in lower right corner of each task sticky note and moving sticky note to "Working" column in the Job row.

- Kid completes task and moves sticky note to "Check" column. Kid then selects next task by initialing and moving it's sticky note to the "Working" column.

- Mom or Dad checks the quality of the work, moving the sticky back to "Working" or over to "Done" column.

- Proceed until all tasks complete about two hours later!


Worked great for our first time!

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Taken on December 15, 2007