"The Doctors" w/ Dr. Alan Bauman
Hollywood, CA - Hair loss expert, Dr. Alan Bauman was invited to join the Emmy Award winning show, "The Doctors," to discuss the benefits of low level laser therapy with hosts, Dr. Jennifer Ashton and Dr. Travis Stork, for the treatment of hair loss. Dr. Bauman demonstrates the HairCam and HairCheck device for the diagnosis and tracking of hair loss and hair regrowth. The segment, in which Dr. Bauman donates a LaserCap device to a hair loss sufferer, JoAnn, to help with hair regrowth, is due to air February 21st. Check your local listings and stay tuned for updates. For more information on laser therapy in the treatment of hair loss, visit www.baumanmedical.com or follow @DrAlanBauman on twitter.
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