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the scum pond at jelly acres, homestead, florida, photo by carol lippincott | by Alan Cressler
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the scum pond at jelly acres, homestead, florida, photo by carol lippincott

Well Diane, thanks for Tagging me. Guess I have to play along. That is me in the chair. My friend Roger must have told a funny joke or something. My friend Carol Lippincott took the image.


1. I really HATE winter and cold weather. I don't care if I ever see a snow flake again for the rest of my life. If I could somehow move my life and job to a warm place with mountains and caves, I would leave now.


2. The warmest temperature I ever worked in was 126 degrees F. That was in southern California, July 2003.


3. In my adult life, I have never lived in a house with air conditioning (my choice). Until I bought my last vehicle in 2001, I never had it in a vehicle either. I think it makes humans lazy.


4. I really like marathon day hiking. On May 11, 2002, I did a 46.6 mile day hike. It was a rim to rim to rim hike in the Grand Canyon. I completed the hike in 15.5 hours.


5. We have three cockatiels, Baby Bird, Miss Chicken, and Goober. We also have a love bird named Scooter. She was a gift a few years ago. Baby Bird is at least 12 years old. None of them like women very much. They all live in one large cage and have free roam of the house when we are home.


6. My favorite animals are snakes followed closely by spiders. We have nine snakes. They are all tri-colored kingsnakes except one. The odd-ball is a Mexican rosy boa. All my snakes were captive bred. We have lots of spiders living in the house. They come and go as they please. They help keep the bugs under control.


7. I started caving in 1981 and to date have explored almost 4,000 of the things world wide.


8. I am totally addicted to Asian food with a special fondness for Thai and Japanese. I would eat some type of Asian Food every meal if I could. I am also majorly addicted to raw oysters. I think I ate over a thousand last year. I have no rules, I eat them year round.


9. I hate cooking and I love to eat out.


10. I love to exercise. When it is warm, I exercise every day. When it is cold I hate it.


11. To most of my friends dismay, I drink untreated water all the time. I am selective about it but if I see a sign that says "treat water before drinking" I just start drinking away. I have not been sick from drinking untreated water in 15 years.


12. I have some kind of connection with plants. A dead dog on the side of the road phases me none. A clear-cut forest almost makes me cry.


13. I love naked swimming. I never really understood the idea of swim suits.


14. I only require 5-6 hours of sleep a night and I love the morning.


15. I have no addictions except for maybe ice cream and raw oysters. I consume no caffeine, alcohol, or anything else.


16. I love my friends. I have met some awesome people as a result of Flickr.


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Taken on December 28, 2008