Meeting Michael Jackson 1988
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In early February, 1988 some friends and I were staying at the Kahala Hilton Hotel in Hawaii and learned that Michael Jackson was staying there, too. My friends and I saw him several times over a 3 day period and I snapped these photos. Michael was very nice, shy and polite. After he posed for a picture with me I thanked him, then he suggested we take another one because he said he blinked.

He and the 10-year-old boy he was traveling with (Jimmy Safechuck) were outside on the hotel grounds after dark alone, without security. Michael made the comment "I would be in trouble if they knew I was out here." At the time, I thought he was referring to his security people being mad at him for sneaking out on them, but maybe he just meant people in the hotel would create a scene if they knew he was there.

At one point we asked Michael to sign an autograph but while we had a pen, we didn't have any paper. My friend asked Michael to sign a $20 bill. Michael apologized and said he couldn't do that because defacing money is against the law and he could get in trouble. So my friend dashed into the hotel and found a piece of hotel stationery which Michael signed. I still have the autograph.

Read the newspaper article I have scanned here for more details about our encounter.

Michael's hat says "Kahala Hilton" which is the name of the hotel he and we were staying at. Today the hotel is known as the Kahala Resort:
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