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Helping you Gain Coping Strategies and Confidence in Cross-Cultural Situations | by Jennifer Kumar
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Helping you Gain Coping Strategies and Confidence in Cross-Cultural Situations


My name is Jennifer Kumar. Thank you for spending your time here today.Navigating the outer and inner aspects of your authentic cross-cultural journeys helping you live your best life anywhere you are in the world is the aim of Authentic Journeys. For those looking for cross-cultural self-help and encouragement, you are in the right place! If you have asked yourself about any of the following, coaching can help you uncover the answers you’re looking for!LIVING IN ANOTHER COUNTRY

“How can I possibly move abroad? How can I move away from everything and everyone I know and love? I need help making this decision!” Do you need help “Preplanning”?


“How can I live in this country? Being a foreigner here is so hard. Coping with daily life is so difficult. Everything is so mysterious and magical, but I feel overwhelmed and don’t know what to do!” Do you need help “Facing Culture Shock”?


“I love this new country and am considering changing my citizenship. Will I lose my identity?” Do you want to explore “Changing Citizenship”?


“I thought if I went back home things would be like they were before. Now everything seems foreign to me. Why don’t I relate to my family and friends like I used to? Why doesn’t “home” feel as comfortable as it used to be?” Do you need help “Reverse Culture Shock”?AMERICAN ENGLISH AND CULTURE LESSONS“I studied English for many years before I came to America. I could speak English very well at home. How come people in America don’t understand me? Why can’t I understand Americans? People talk so fast and their accent is different. How come people talk to each other and use words I never learned in English class?” Do you need help with “American English Reduction Tutoring & American Cultural Adjustment Coaching"?



“We love each other, but is love enough when our religious and cultural differences seem so difficult… and we’re not even married yet?” Do you want to explore “Pre-marital Coaching”?


“I feel I am giving up too much of my identity in this marriage! My spouse doesn’t understand my native language; my spouse rarely is interested in my cultural or spiritual traditions. What do I do?” Do you need help with “Daily Life in a Cross-Cultural Household”?


“Parenting between cultures and faith traditions is overwhelming. How do we balance important aspects of both of our backgrounds in raising our children”? Do you need help “Intercultural and Interfaith Parenting”?

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Taken on September 1, 2007