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Day 252 - Roof Over My Head

Day 251 - Holy Crap, I've surpassed the 1/4 millennium mark. Pretty crazy that I've actually not missed 1 day yet. Anyways, today was a non-rainy day for a change. After not having any rain for 2 months during the summer, it seems that we're back on track. Today actually cooled down a little. My wife, my dog and I headed to Wakefield Quebec, which is about 45 minutes or so my from house. It's in the neighbouring province. It's a quaint little town that offers shops, restaurants etc.. (www.wakefieldquebec.com/) It's pretty busy during the summer but kind of devoid of anything in the fall, at least until the leaves change color. One of the most famous landmarks in this town is the covered bridge. It was actually burned down in the 80's by arsonists, probably a bunch of drunk kids. Nonetheless, it was rebuilt. Not much of the original structure remained other than a few beams and the concrete pillars. Again, the super cloudy day made this scene a great HDR candidate. I needed 8 stops to capture all the detail, and then some. While I was shooting, my dog was retrieving sticks from the river.


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Taken on September 9, 2012