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bitten | by Graela
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My flu last week, wasn’t the flu.


I had noticed the bite on my arm which just looked like a little chigger bite at the time so I scratched it a little and thought nothing of it. A friend cautioned me that my symptoms sounded like Lyme disease. I thought surely not. Lyme Disease comes from ticks and this bite isn’t a tick bite because ticks don’t just let go on their own... it’s the flu. Turns out he was closer to right than I. No one else in my family caught my flu which means it probably wasn’t the flu. It was more likely a spider bite reaction.


I haven’t had the fever/chills thing in a week but my joints are still achy. The bite which started at quarter size and fairly normal looking expanded to a pancake size whelp the night after Little B broke his arm. I was too busy to pay it much attention then. Yesterday morning the outer light pink puffy area was almost from wrist to elbow, the lymph nodes under my armpit were swollen and a light red track was forming on my arm, so I called the doctor and started antibiotics. It looks a little less red and puffy this morn, but later today I go see him to determine how bad it really is.




Update. Doc says it was possibly a nip brown recluse or another spider because they have a realitively painless bite and often dont cause noctiable symptoms right away. Got a little shot into the bite, got drained, and got some stonger antibiotic. I'm looking forward to not feeling old and arthritic again soon.



Second update: the steroid shot and the triple antibiotic did the trick. The red track up my arm dissapeared in a few days. The bite itself took much longer to heal. It leaked and drained out of the small crater that formed for maybe two weeks. The scab and pancake sized red area remained slighly puffy bruised looking for a couple of months. Now, 8ish months later all that remains is a puffy area the size of a quarter and a little purplish area where the crater was.


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Uploaded on August 12, 2008