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Have you seen this ad? If yes, please do inform me with the location details (if possible with a pic). This advertisement/hoarding has used my image without permission. I found this hoarding at start of Kormangala Ring road (can be seen when driving from Air Port/Indiranagar to Kormangala), Bangalore. Thanks

My original image here

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  1. Archaean (Pratip) ages ago | reply

    Yesterday I saw the same hoarding opposite to Lido, just beside Van Gogh Photo Framing.

  2. akshath ages ago | reply

    Thanks Pratip for the info; found one more near CMH Road (KFC)

  3. akshath ages ago | reply


  4. Hrish 'dhempe' Thota ages ago | reply

    akshath, I know a guy who is senior correpsondent with this magazine. please mail me at hrish dot thota at gmail dot com and I will give you his contact details. I fully support you. This is very wrong on their part.

  5. akshath ages ago | reply

    thanks Harish appreciate the support;

    I have sent them a mail; looks like they r responding will keep this tread updated as things happen.

  6. Hrish 'dhempe' Thota ages ago | reply

    sure akshath.. keep me posted!

  7. framoid ages ago | reply

    Hey Akshath,

    This is soo wrong in the part of a new magazine...They s houldn be proving their 'so called'; creativity with someone else''s effort.... I did see it somewhre, but don remember, I will let you know ASAP ok......

    I will post this on my blog as well........... this has to come to notice! Creativity doesnt come easy....

  8. akshath ages ago | reply

    framoid: thanks Hari Prasad for the support; I went through your blog and appreciate the support.

    @everyone: I have a update on this; I received written reply yesterday from 'The bengaluru pages / azuremedia';

    ".. the creatives for our hoarding were done out of Mumbai with the advertising done by Idea Domain, a Mumbai based advertising agency. Please direct all your queries to Idea Domain regarding the photograph..."

    apparently they purchased my image from Idea Domain advertising agency in Mumbai.

    Mr. Rajendra Mohoni of Idea Domain, had called me some time back in this regard; and said his company was ready to pay for the image; I asked them that I would need them to send me in a written apology and only then I would send them a bill for my image. After this the response from there side has been bad and they have not responded to my phone calls. I have sent them a letter in writing asking them to reply back in 7 days; failing this I would be initiating legal action on them.

  9. Hrish 'dhempe' Thota ages ago | reply

    hmmm ya I thought as much that it would be mistake of the ad agency. my friend from Bengaluru just told me that they pay Rs.500 per image printed and they give proper credit too.

  10. Hrish 'dhempe' Thota ages ago | reply

    any update on this akshath?

  11. akshath ages ago | reply

    hay Harry; talks with the ad agency has broken down. I am initiating full-fledged legal action against 'The bengaluru pages / azuremedia' for using my image without prior permission.

  12. Hrish 'dhempe' Thota ages ago | reply

    ah ok.. keep me posted!

  13. $owmya ages ago | reply

    wats happening to this aki???

  14. anandyaligar ages ago | reply

    wat happened to this

  15. Through my lens.... ages ago | reply

    hope you got then nailed akash. Very sad these agencies.

  16. Twilight Fairy 119 months ago | reply

    u shd be suing them for the amount they made in using ur picture for advertising! get a %age share in claims..

    here's my case -

    I also need to take legal action

  17. archanasr 119 months ago | reply

    This is really sad...I have written to you about my case...any feedback/input will be much appreciated.

  18. Iyappan K 107 months ago | reply

    wondering to know what is the final outcome ? it will be useful to others aswel

  19. World is Beautiful 101 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Flickr Pirates, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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