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Rise of The Phoenix

Strobist: WL1600 into 7"reflector 40deg grid onto seamless BG. WL1600 cam right behind model into med softbox for rim. WL1600 above model into gridded strip for hair light. WL1600 below model into large softbox for fill. WL1600 7" reflector into ceiling for fill. All fired with PocketWizard PLII.


This image was so much fun to create.

The first thing we did was build the custom headpiece for the model using foam core and covered it with false hair from a beauty supply store. Our hairstylist wove her natural hair in with the false hair on the headpiece to create a seamless transition. After the headpiece was in place, feathers were stuck into the foam to create the look we wanted. To add a bit of shine to her skin baby oil was applied several times during the shoot.


So much of what makes this image interesting was done in Photoshop. We started with a solid photo, but it is a far cry from the final.


We just released a full length tutorial on how to create this image from start to finish at


We had an amazing team helping out with this shoot. Couldn't have done it without them.

Model: Amanda Iceey

MUA: Yvonne Wallace

Hairstylist: Ashley Hill

Assist: Zach Spinner

Coordinator: Amelia Fletcher

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Uploaded on April 30, 2012