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Finding Meaning

Strobist: WhiteLightning X1600 cam right behind me @1/6. WhiteLightning X1600 cam left behind me @1/6. 2 Olympus FL50 into shoot through umbrella cam right @1/8. Nikon SB26 into wall behind cam @1/8.

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I find it happen to me sometimes. An image will appear in my head seemingly out of nowhere. Dictated down to every little detail from the background to the exact lighting setup to post production. EVERYTHING. And yet I have no idea what it means.


This is an example of that phenomenon.


The shot came out pretty much exactly how i pictured in my head which I find happens more often the longer I shoot, but that hardly brings meaning to it.


Maybe it comes the same way dreams do.

There have been numerous books written on interpreting dreams.

Can the same ideas be applied to the images we see in our heads long before we pick up a camera?

Sometimes pictures are just to document something happening, sometimes they are just to be pretty, and sometimes they mean something. I think it is important to know which is which and understand them for what they are.


That is why it bugs me when I create an image like this and know it has meaning, I am just not sure what it means


Any suggestions?




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Taken on March 1, 2009