Greenpoint 2007
You can't have a name like "Lipinski" and NOT make the pilgrimage out to Greenpoint Brooklyn at least once in your life! Greenpoint was one of those neighborhoods that I always meant to visit, and when I learned that Kevin Walsh of Forgotten New York was going to be conducting a walking tour, I saw it as a sign that this was the right time to go. However, in addition to history, I also wanted to get some Polish culture and Polish food, so I got there an hour and a half early to shop and take pictures, went on the three-hour tour, and then spent ANOTHER hour eating and shopping.

I learned some things about this Polish neighborhood that I expected, and others that surprised me. More than half of the meat markets I planned to visit were closed, but almost every liquor store I visited was open. Which was a little odd, given that it was a Sunday! Vodka was a major focus of attention, including window displays and refrigerated cases in liquor stores and vodka-filled chocolates in the candy shops. We saw lots of churches; one that I passed was so crowded that the crowd overflowed into the intersection, and we also saw a random religious procession going down the street.

Our tour became an attraction of its own; we were stopped and questioned by pedestrians, yelled at from windows, and even flashed! It was a very strange scene at times.

By the end of the day, I was ready to drop, but I was happy, content, and did I mention full? I had a wonderful meal at Christina's Restaurant (where the food is filling and the waitresses wear black fishnet stockings), and lugged home potato vodka, kielbasa, kabanosy, pierogis, liquor-filled chocolates, chocolate wafer cookies, "angel wings," and some of those delicious cream fudge candies.

Mmmmmm ... cream fudge candies ...

Hey! The tour page is up on the Forgotten New York website! Check it out!
(With much humble thanks to Mr. Walsh for linking to this page!)
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