Motorbike Shoot - March 8th, 2011
I started taking photos 3 years ago just so that I could create images of my real passion; cars. I then moved to China and no longer had my car, so photography became my new passion. It's been 2 years since I photographed a vehicle, and this set felt like I was coming around full circle. Using everything I've learned photographing people, places, etc and applying it back to my original passion.

My good friend Winfred ( ) was assisting on this shoot. We headed up to the reservoir and called a friend who'd just bought a shiny new motorbike to come join us.

Strobist Setup:
An SB-600 and some cheap YN-460s popped with eBay triggers, sometimes wearing eBay umbrellas.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Photos shot in Weinan, China. RAW processed in lightroom, then edited in Photoshop.
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