Buttermilk Falls

Buttermilk Falls, second waterfalls trip of the day.
Near Deerland, NY - Hamilton County

Formed on the Raquette River, which rises from Raquette Lake and eventually spills into the Hudson River. Second to the Hudson river, it is number two on the list of longest rivers in New York. Falling over a series of terraces, the falls are 40 ft in height.

Seneca Ray Stoddard, a 19th century writer and photographer, suggested that the name came from the churning that the river gets at the bottom of the falls. It is a rather generic name for waterfalls, as there are several other waterfalls in New York that share this name.

Raquette Lake gets its name from the French word for snowshoe, and according to legend, the name was the result of the Tories, led by Sir John Johnson in 1776, ditching their snowshoes in the spring thaw at the lake during the Revolutionary War.

Native Americans named the river Ta-na-wa-deh, which means "swift water".

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