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DIY ringflash, workflow

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My DIY ringflash that I've been doing for the last few days.

(Photo, starting from top left) Description

(1) I started with a 24 cm diameter steel bown and a normal food can.
(2) Added some tape on the bowl and drew the cutting lines with the can as a guide.
(3) Bottom from the bowl and can removed. I also shortened the cat a little bit. I first drilled a hole on the bottom of the bowl and then cut the metal with metal cutters.
(4) The two parts connected with strong epoxy that was meant for metals.
(5) Hole for the flash made and few connecting holes drilled. Also the needed aluminum parts are cut and bent in shape.
(6) The bottom part covered with black hockey tape. In the photo it has a Manfrotto quick attachment plate on it. Also has a hole for attaching it to the tripod mount of the camera.
(7) The top part where the flash is attached. Made some holes for the DIY TTL flash cord.
(8) I added some plastic parts for the flash hole to make it look nicer and to prevent light from escaping too much. Next I added some putty to finish it (wasn't necessary but I got too carried away again with the building).
(9) Putty and the bowl fully sanded and waiting for some gray primer and matte black finish.
(10) Painted and finished. Added some black hockey tape on the can's edge to prevent it from scratching the camera.
(11) Close up of the flash hole. A little bit of aluminum foil tape on the inside and black hockey tape on the edge.
(12) White thin fabric streched and being glued on the edges to get some diffusion to the light. There is a rubber band holding the fabric to the can.

See the finished righflash:
* DIY ringflash finished, without camera
* DIY ringflash finished, with camera

Cost: bowl 3€, can 0€, aluminum 1€ + some extra costs from paints etc. but I'm not going to count them to the total. Cheap anyway.

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  1. Airchinapilot 88 months ago | reply

    Thanks for the tutorial. Some day I will make this but alas I don't have a workshop and my girlfriend dislikes metal work in our apartment.

  2. Dav Kiang 88 months ago | reply

    very cool, nice work on the cutting.

  3. raumgreifend 88 months ago | reply

    very well done!

  4. Jake Penrose 87 months ago | reply

    this might also have application for a DIY beauty dish. thats what the last image reminds me of

  5. akeeh 87 months ago | reply

    Well actually I have a same kind of steel bowl waiting to become a beauty dish.

  6. Luissss 87 months ago | reply

    I still don't get how did you make the hole. You said metal cutting, you meant something like this: www1.istockphoto.com/file_thumbview_approve/3006320/2/ist...
    Could you please show a picture of it?

  7. akeeh 87 months ago | reply

    Luissss: My cutters were more like these pms.nebula.fi/kuvasto/kuvat/M-3R.jpg

    First I drilled a start hole ofcourse and then started cutting.

  8. RobSalmon 85 months ago | reply

    This is amazing.

  9. JayJay=) 84 months ago | reply

    I'm waiting for the paint on mines to dry right now=)
    I didn't do the sides for the flash or the bracing to hold the flash and connect the camera.
    That will be done later. I just wanted to see if i could cut the holes.
    It was surprising though how the aviation snips cut the metal easily.
    But anyways... I'll show you my end product when its done.
    Thanks for the awesome workflow.

  10. Syakirah 84 months ago | reply

    what did you use to cut the hole?

  11. akeeh 84 months ago | reply

    Syakirah: I used this kind of normal metal cutters: pms.nebula.fi/kuvasto/kuvat/M-3R.jpg

  12. panchoskywalker 80 months ago | reply

    Nice! Check out mine!

  13. AlexEdg 79 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called All Tutorials [AllEdges], and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  14. Leo.Amaral 79 months ago | reply

    You measured the Guide Number?

  15. Richard Pflaume 77 months ago | reply

    akeeh, great work! i looked around a lot to get an inspiration for a DIY ringflash and i still like yours most :-)! do you have any pictures taken with it?

  16. g.chamekh 74 months ago | reply

    have some example of photo taken please ?
    thanks for the tutorial !!!

  17. Jeff in WI 74 months ago | reply

    The best designed ringflash on the net. I hope I've got the skill to make it.

  18. KyLe | MancusO 64 months ago | reply

    Heya mate! i'm starting a group for DIY posts called DIY GUYS, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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